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Facebook Outage on Friday Resulted in People Calling 911

It was Friday morning when Facebook suffered some crises and it could not work properly in the LA region of the US. It resulted in an outrage amongst the residents of the city and they were propelled to call 911 in order to have their issues resolved. The emergency services were shocked to know that people were so concerned about their social networking that they had to call 911.Facebook revenues increase

There is certainly a heavy craze for the social media in the US and the impact of it could be felt this Friday. The Police of the area damped out on the situation and one of the officers commented “Facebook is not a Law Enforcement issue, please don’t call us about it being down, we don’t know when FB will be back up!”


The Officers are totally frustrated due to the outbreak of the residents. The residents of LA feel that the law enforcement agencies have some control over the operations of the social media company. However, the tweets posted by officers do not point to this direction. The number of calls that had been received on 911 was in abundance. When asked about the nature of the calls and their frequency, an officer stated “Yes, we get calls all the time like this, cable TV, all sorts of things not working, they think we control.”

The original message by Brink was supposed to cut down the number of calls that were being received by the authorities due to the Facebook outbreak. The major concern of the authorities was that it could obstruct the lines in case of an emergency. The internet audience was also quick enough to comment on this crises situation and started making tweets about the same.

When the outrage held down, a Facebook representative rolled out the statement that reads, “Facebook is currently experiencing an issue that is affecting all API and web surfaces. Our engineers detected the issue quickly and are working to resolve it ASAP. We’ll update shortly.


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