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Apple welcomes Beats as US gives regulatory approval

Apple has finally had the opportunity to openly embrace the acquaintance of Beats by its side. There is no doubt about the fact that the very home page of Apple’s Official Website shows its affection towards Beats. The iPhone maker has shown emotions like a kid while expressing its excitement to work in collaboration with Beats Music and Beats Electronics. Well, the excitement is not just for Apple but for the users of its products as well. The excitement will be quite obvious pertaining to the potential that the collaboration of both the companies portrays.Apple Welcomes Beats

Interestingly, the official website of Apple does contain a very special message to its new member and it does show the exuberance that the iPhone makers are going through after the deal is finally complete. The deal between Apple and Beats has seen a lot of ups and downs from both the sides but has still maintained its position.


At a point of time rumors even had it that the $3 billion deal between Apple and Beats was probably on the brinks of cancellation. Huge questions were raised on the business policies and brains behind Apple when Google acquired Songza with a meager $39 million.

Irrespective of all the odds, Apple had finally received a clearance from the European Commission to get along with the final steps of the acquisition of Beats earlier this week. According to the reports, the United States has also given a green signal to the deal. With the clearance from both European Commission as well as the United States Apple and Beats have gone on to make their deal public.

According to the reports, Apple will soon initiate the streamlining of the Beats officials under Apple Inc. The process is expected to take some amount of time and no layoffs will be done initially. Thus, with the deal between Apple and Beats finally over, this starts a new chapter in the glorious history of Apple and as a fan of Apple’s product one will surely look forward to the future!

Meanwhile, Beats is being sued by its rival Bose for infringing patents on noise-cancellation technology and has sought damages in court. Bose claimed that Beats infringed five patents that cancels noise in earphones and has caused great loss due to low sales. Beats Studio and Beats Wireless headphones were the products that use the technology. Bose is also trying to stop the import of Beats earphones, costing $100, into the US that are made by Fugang Electronic in China.

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