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WWE Signs a 10-year Deal with Rogers Communications in Canada

Rogers Communications has entered into a historic agreement with WWE for 10 year broadcasting. It has made Rogers Communications an exclusive distributor for programming of WWE in the region of Canada until 2024. The deal speaks about the current programming of WWE on Sportsnet 360 too, which dictates the rights to give away the WWE network as a linear channel. The preview is expected to begin by 12 August.rogers-communication-canada

According to the reports that have come out, Rogers will be treated as the exclusive distribution partner of WWE event that are based on the pay-per-view scheme. It will be affected all around Canada region. The preview of the content would air by 12 August. The live events would also be included in the scheme. The live ring action, reality, drama and video on demand library; all this would be available on the request of the user on the Rogers Channel 512.


Gerrit Meier, WWE Executive Vice President, International, said in a statement:

“We are excited to expand our partnership with Rogers as we look for innovative ways to grow our brand and further the reach of our programming in Canada through their vast distribution channels and marketing platforms. The structure of this new agreement demonstrates WWE’s commitment to growing our brand internationally through integrated partnerships, as well as the flexibility we have in rolling out WWE Network around the world.”

The WWE fans that are based in Canada are high on happiness, these days, thanks to the abundant WWE entertainment coming their way soon. The fans in Canada never received so much WWE action ever before and this is going to be a real treat for them.

As stated by the President of NHL & Sportsnet Rogers, Scott Moore “This landmark deal is a win-win for WWE fans in Canada, The premium WWE content offers our customers more of the programming they want, on any platform of their choosing. We are thrilled to continue our partnership with WWE, and deliver exclusive content to its passionate fan base in Canada for the next decade.”

The new deal is expected to raise the fortunes of WWE and Rogers Communications. It is a great mutual symbiosis between the two companies and the news of their deal is hitting every newspaper currently. We really hope that this contract between the entertainment giant’s brings some happiness to the face of the Canadian WWE fans.

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