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Microsoft rolls out updates for Office Excel, Word, PowerPoint for iPad

The iPad users who use Microsoft’s Office suit are in for good news. Microsoft has released the updates to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office apps for iOS platform. A lot of improvements have been made in the updates of Office apps from Microsoft. It has been acknowledged by the experts and the iOS users are simply on the top of the ninth cloud because of it.office-for-ipad

Excel has also witnessed a fair deal of updates and it has incorporated the send-to-PDF, crop feature and the font options along with the other updates.


Here are some of the updates that have been affected in Excel:

  • The entire data in the row or a column can be selected by flicking a cell’s selection handle.
  • There is an extended support for the external keyboards.
  • The Pivot tables support is also something to talk about in this update.
  • The support for paper sizes has been increased. The scaling options have also been upgraded for printing of the workbooks.

Microsoft Word will have the following features in the update:

  • It will enable the users to export or mail documents by converting them into PDF’s.
  • The pictures that have been inserted in the documents can be cropped.
  • The third-party fonts can be used.

PowerPoint is the one Microsoft Office software that got hold of biggest updates. The presentation mode has been added in its interface that is responsible for enabling the user to view as well as edit notes. The users can also preview the next slide that they intend to open. It gives users the flexibility to move to any slide that he wants.

Here are some of the additions in the PowerPoint update:

  • It possesses the options to help you play video and sound clips while the presentation is going on.
  • The videos that are fed from the camera roll are also having a support in the newest update of PowerPoint.
  • Highlights and drawings in a presentation can also be removed on the go.

The updates for iPad’s Office app that Microsoft has rolled out are no less than great news for the iOS users. We will have to wait and see how it fares in the market though.

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