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Facebook to offer free data in Zambia via Internet.org app

The launch of Internet.org application must be termed as one of the most important steps taken to connect the third world countries in Africa to the World. There is no doubt of the fact that most of the countries of Africa are way below the normal standards of life and the journey of bringing them closer starts from Zambia.Facebook to offer free data in Zambia via Internet.org app

According to the reports, Internet.org is launching an application which will allow its users to access internet to the users. Internet.org is a non-profitable organization which is backed by the largest social network, Facebook.


The application will roll out free internet usage to all the users of the application for the Airtel subscribers. According to the reports, Internet.org rolls out the application in Zambia to do a live test before rolling out the application for other parts of the world. The interesting fact is that the organization Internet.org is not even 1-year-old and is already into the steps of action. Within this small period of time, Internet.org has brought itself in action with the launch of the application.

According to the statements, approximately 85% of the total population of the lives under cellphone coverage, but it is only the 30% who use the internet facility which is available on the cell phone. According to the experts, the main aim of the application will be to bring down this huge difference in number. In some places, the cost of accessing the internet is also one of the prime reasons which puts the potential users slightly on to the back foot.

With the internet.org application, users will be able to surf data without having to worry about the costs. The users will be able to use health applications, Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, Women’s Rights App and AccuWeather. Internet.org also has the support of quite a few tech companies like Ericsson, Qualcomm, Samsung, etc.


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