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Google Nexus 6 smartphone and Nexus 8 tablet: Rumors

The last few months or so has seen quite a few heated and delicate controversies and discussions about the next Nexus. The story had many versions and some of them also led to the fact that there are no more devices to be launched under Nexus. According to the recent rumors that have sprung up in the internet media, it is not LG or ASUS who is working for the next Nexus Smartphone. Instead, it might just be Motorola is working for the next Nexus Smartphone. Google’s Nexus has been in instant hit among the masses initially.Google’s next Nexus Smartphone and Tablet: Rumours

According to the latest rumors, Motorola is apparently all set to make the next Nexus Smartphone. According to the rumors, the device has been codenamed ‘Shamu’. The device is apparently all set for a launch during the month of November this year. Since the news has not yet been officially acclaimed by neither Motorola and nor Google one has to decide on its own pertaining to the authenticity of the news.

The rumors also add that the device codenamed ‘Shamu’ will be having a 5.9 inch screen which will in turn make it the largest Smartphone under the series of Nexus. But the sad part of the story is that we are presently no fully aware of any other information that the screen size for the alleged Nexus 6 by Motorola.

The fact that the rumors about the next Nexus model is in the market is quite a shock to the readers. During the early phase of the year 2014, rumors about ‘Google planning to end the Nexus series‘ was in the talks. According to the rumors, Google was planning to bring an end to the Nexus line of devices and replacing them with Android Silver devices. Actually the rumors seemed to be genuine enough as the experts thought that Android Silver devices will be launched along with the launch of Android L. In time it became clear that Google’s Android Silver devices are a part of a completely different program.

According to another rumor, Google’s Nexus 6 might just be furnished with 64 bit version of Snapdragon 801 processors. In reality, the actual news was about the launch of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400 series processors. With the launch of the new processors, the internet media went about talking about Snapdragon’s inclusion in the Nexus project.

On the other hand, the news also has it that Android Silver devices will also be having Snapdragon 801 processors. Well, one will certainly have to wait for the official announcements as the expectations rise higher for the next Nexus Smartphone.


Google Nexus 8 is set to give a tiff to iPad mini Retina with its 64-bit processor and Android 4.5, while one of the best tablets, Nexus 7 will soon have a companion. So far there are no assumptions regarding Nexus 8′s price from the rumors. But Nexus 8 being larger tablet than the Nexus 7, which starts from $229, we can expect the new tablet to cost more with improved specifications.

However, Google doesn’t make money from the profits earned on hardware, might keep the price nothing much than rivals and the company will focus more on pushing Android ahead. Until the design (plastic or metal) and specifications of Nexus 8 are unknown, we yet can’t say anything about the cost.

Now, speaking of the next Tablet in the Nexus Series, the rumors have it that the 2014 might end up having some solid news about the next Nexus Tablet. HTC is the one who has been vested with the task of manufacturing the next tablet in the series. The next Nexus Tablet will be called Nexus 8. With quite a few leaks of images, it will be interesting to see when Google actually goes with the act of launching alleged Nexus 8. It seems to be a busy time ahead of Google with the launch of Android L and the Nexus devices is a line.


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