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BlackBerry buys Secusmart as it shifts focus to mobile security

After Google and Apple, it’s the time for BlackBerry to hit the buttons of acquisitions, probably. According to the recent news, BlackBerry has purchased Secusmart, a mobile security firm based in Germany. According to the reports, the acquisition took place in an extreme discrete fashion. The reports have it that the acquisition of the German mobile security firm by Blackberry is one of the steps that the Mobile company has taken to rise up in stature in the market. BlackBerry has a sound history to boast of but in the recent times the company has suffered quite a few setbacks. The advent of Android and iOS can also be termed responsible to the slide in the BlackBerry’s market share.blackberry-secusmart

BlackBerry on the other hand is looking to gain some authority among the users and clients who give more preference to security measures. According to the experts, the acquisition of Secusmart is the first big step on the way. Secusmart is a company specializing in voice and data encryption. The interesting fact is that Secusmart had already worked with BlackBerry. The company had provided the BlackBerry 10 users with Secusuite which was used for transmission of encrypted emails and secured browsing.


Secusuite has been used in various companies all over the world to maintain a sense of security from hackers and competitors as well. Considering the efforts that BlackBerry is putting in to position itself as one of the most secured devices, the acquisition of Secusmart does make a lot of sense.

According to the statement released by the CEO of the company John Chen, the acquisition of Secusmart is solely for the purpose of providing the users with individual security from the online world which will in turn provide National Security. He also added that features like voice and data encryption will add to the future of mobile to mobile security solutions. Amidst all these, neither BlackBerry mentioned the amount of the deal not did the German mobile security firm.

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