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Will the decisions of CEO Satya Nadella power Microsoft through?

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will surely have his work cut out as the position that he finds himself in is rather difficult. To be true to the fact that Microsoft was not actually in a solid position when Mr. Nadella stepped up to the position. The journey that he has initiated does follow one of the most tormented paths but possibly he is the man who can bring the company out of the hole. There is no doubt about the fact that Mr. Nadella will have to take some drastic steps, but the risk that stays will surely make him either a Hero or a fail.Will the decisions of Satya Nadella power Microsoft through?

In the short tenure that Mr. Nadella has had as the CEO of Microsoft, he has probably done the best thing that should have been done quite a few years ago. The very fact is that Microsoft is primarily a software producing farm has been restored significantly by Mr. Nadella. Under Steve Ballmer, the main reason for the lackluster show from Microsoft was the lack of a fixed goal or aim by the Company.

It seemed like Microsoft was actually trying to be everything, starting from Mobile productions, Software, Hardware, etc. It was during this phase, when Microsoft acquired Nokia which is still a wrong decision according to some people. Another drastic step taken by Mr. Nadella involves the layoff of 18000 employees including approximately 12500 Nokia employees. This is one of the biggest layoffs in the History of Microsoft.

Since the initial days at helm, Mr. Nadella has always looked forward to talk about the golden ages of the Company when Microsoft was the leading Software firm. According to his plans, Microsoft is all about software and Cloud Computing. This is what makes them; Microsoft.

On the other hand, speaking from a fair perspective, Mr. Nadella will not have it all easy. We are talking here about a company which has always been a bit apprehensive about change and that too radical change. Yes, the fact that the software and Cloud Computing are the forte of Microsoft, but with the layoff of 18000 and some other changes, it will be worthwhile to watch how Mr. Nadella marshals his company.

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Many people have already started comparing him to Apple’s Steve Jobs. The scenario where Steve Jobs stepped in again at Apple, the company was tottering to a certain extent. I would rather say that this is a bit too early to compare Satya Nadella to Steve Jobs. Jobs pulled through the time and took Apple to its greatest heights.

It will be interesting to see whether Mr. Nadella manages to do so and if yes; “How?”. The fact is that Nadella might just have sought for a lot of things that will help Microsoft but the position that he is in, Satya Nadella will either be a winner or a lion-hearted loser!

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Just a recap; the first interview of Satya Nadella, after taking responsibility as Microsoft CEO:

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