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Verizon to scale down on 4G Unlimited Internet plans in October

There are reports that Verizon is looking to prioritize the traffic in order to give preference to the users who pay data via gigabyte over the user’s vying for Verizon’s unlimited plans. These new policies will be applicable only when the network would be fully loaded with crowd. The plan will be affected in October.Verizon

It simply means that in case the network would be heavily crowded, the priority will be given to the 4G customers who use their data by the Gigabyte. The unlimited plan users will have lower speeds that the other users.


The top five percent of the customers would involve the ones who consume more than 4.7 GB data each month. It does not matter how much the fluctuations regarding the data usage are, but the average usage will be calculated for decision-making.

The same policy has been launched by Verizon known as Network Optimization in the year 2011 for the 3G users. However, this time around the restrictions on the LTE network have not been imposed. The final stages are being met for the LTE upgrade, which would actually double or triple the 4G network capacity in as many as 350 places all around the US.

The new networks of Verizon will be able to handle the growing demands of the users about mobile bandwidth. However, the company has planned to impose the new 4G policy in order to meet the demands of the future.

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Verizon has stated that only a few users will actually be affected by this policy and not a majority of people will suffer from slow internet speeds. The company has started to notify the users of the unlimited internet plans, so that they can be ready implementation of the new policy by the start of August.

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