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China Telecom to sell Xbox One in September

The Chinese market is waiting for Xbox One with wide open arms. According to the reports, Xbox One is about to arrive China now, thanks to the pact between China Telecom and the software giant Microsoft.

It was confirmed in April by Microsoft that the new console will feature in the Chinese market in fall this year. China Telecom will reportedly offer 30 million of its broadband customers. This would be a part of the customer package framed by China Telecom.


The deal is said to be exclusive, but the Chinese shoppers will also have the chance to purchase Xbox One at the price of $399 through the website of Amazon. There are only a few details about the surfacing of Xbox One in China currently but more info is expected in a few weeks from now.

Leaked: China Telecom's marketing material of Xbox One
Leaked: China Telecom’s marketing material of Xbox One

If the rumors are to be believed, Xbox One will actually be the first console device that has been released in China after the time when the Government of China banned console sales in the year 2000. The government of China claimed at the time that it would distract the youth of the nation. The free trade zone was set up in China recently and the production of Xbox One will take place there.

The specifics about the date of launch and the price have not been officially released yet. It costs $499 in the US, but Microsoft has rolled out a new console with Kinect sensor costing $399. The marginal pricing would definitely push the sales figure of the Xbox One to a great magnitude.

It seems to be a golden period for Microsoft as the rivals have not yet planned to launch a console in China and Microsoft can enjoy the legacy of being the first company to go for a big console release in China. Although Sony will catch up with the trend soon as it plans to release the PS4 at the price of 349 pounds in China but there is no confirmation for the same.

Fourteen years ago, China banned the foreign gaming consoles in 2000, following concerns about potential harm to the physical and mental development of children. But in early January 2014, China’s State Council had lifted the ban on the sale of foreign gaming consoles, which made the companies to plan aggressively to launch the device in China’s markets.

Gaming industry in the country has seen tremendous growth in the last year, where it had generated over $13 billion in 2013, up 38 percent from 2012.

Earlier, Microsoft has announced to release its latest Xbox One gaming console to China in September of this year by partnering with BesTV home entertainment company.

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