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NHTSA to check on GM’s Chevy Impala airbag glitch

According to the reports, NHTSA is set to take a close look into the  airbags that are used in some of the Chevrolet Impala models. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is probably out looking to make the roads of the United States safe as the heavens. The fear that NHTSA is putting the lives of the passengers in danger in due of the reports of defects involving the airbags. The reports state that there is a possibility of a software glitch that might disable the airbags in certain conditions.NHTSA to check on Impala airbag glitch

According to the statement issues, NHTSA will take a close look at approximately 320,000 Impalas manufactured during the period of 2007 until 2009. The organization will be conducting a simple test, including the working of the airbags under various circumstances. This is probably where the issue lies. According to the reports, the airbags used in Chevrolet Impala are probably having a few software glitches.


Thus, under certain circumstances the airbags get disabled lending risks to the lives on board. The decision to investigate the airbags of Chevrolet Impala was taken in by NHTSA after an official report filed by Mr. Donald Friedman. Mr. Friedman is the founding member of Xprts LLC, based in Santa Barbara, California. Xprts LLC investigates into the road accidents that occur in the region. According to the report filed by Mr. Friedman, the Impala sensors did not detect the passenger and thus maintained a suppressed airbag. According to the reports, the failure of airbags has caused approximately about 120 casualties all over the states.

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It was in the month of April that NHTSA had asked the major car makers to testify the correct working of airbags under all negative circumstances. Considering, GM’s Chevrolet Impala has failed to perform in Texas, NHTSA has taken on the job of examining the referred cars. General Motors has also faced quite a few issues in relation to safety measures this year.

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