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Install stock ROM via Odin, if you bricked your Android smartphone

If you have bricked or soft bricked your Android phone, then you can recover your smartphone to run as the original factory provided device by installing the stock firmware into it. Many Android users and geeks are fond of trying different type of custom Android software on their smartphones, thanks to the open source community and forums like XDA-Developers etc. ...

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AirWeb app could bring full screen web browser on your Apple TV

Now you can browse web through your Apple TV by using the AirWeb iOS app on either iPhones or iPads, which uses the Apple’s AirPlay technology to put  full screen browser on your TV screen via the black little box. Apple TV neither comes with a web browser nor it has any web browser application for the internet browsing on ...

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HTC Mini+ remote for smartphones – price and installation details

To whatever extent multi-tasking will grow, it will always have one limitation left inside. Any kind of multi-tasking will not allow you to use internet with calling pad (making calls simultaneously). But sometimes it becomes necessary to use internet during calls. It is especially the case when we have to dictate some web result to the call receiving end. We ...

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How to view Google Chrome Browser History on iPhone, iPad and Android?

Have you ever wondered about the “History” button of Google Chrome iOS app? I guess you can’t find it (Update: It’s there now!). Actually it’s not there. Then how to check the history of your chrome iOS browser? Below are some tips, I tried to gather, which might help you to find the history. Google has suggested that the History ...

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How to backup WhatsApp messages to iCloud on iPhone/iPad?


I guess it’s WhatsApp era more than Facebook era. WhatsApp became “the need” to almost every Smartphone users around the globe. It’s still the hot selling paid app for iPhones and iPads. By the way – Now app is available on iTunes for free and the users can chat using the app for a year and then with $0.99 yearly ...

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How to save time listing items on ebay?

This guide will help you to save time listing your item so that the efficiency and the productivity of your Ebay activities will increase. I will try to add as much as my experience as well as some great resources, which can be useful for a beginner Ebayer. 1: Download Ebay App for your Mobile: You may be wondering, what ...

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