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Apple iPad turns 5 this Friday

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPad, the device that has revolutionized the tech world was launched 5 years ago on the same date. iPad was actually the last big product that was launched by Steve Jobs. It is a device that has revolutionized the role of computing at events. iPad has given PC’s a run for their money in the last 5 years. ...

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Blackberry launched high-security SecuTablet priced at $2,300

Blackberry on Saturday announced the launch of high-security SecuTablet, developed in partnership with International Business Machines Corp (IBM) and Samsung Electronic Co Ltd. The tablet focuses on secure communications and is undergoing certification at German Federal Office for Information Security for secure rating. The tablet was displayed by Blackberry at tech fair CeBIT 2015  in Germany and is based on ...

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Apple iPad Pro won’t get unveiled this Monday

If you were the one of those people expecting Apple show-off at Monday Press event, then catch your breath. Latest rumors says that, delay in production makes Apple to re-schedule the release of its upcoming large-screen iPad. Apple has gone for different options for the new device and in the meantime, it has decided to go for an oxide LCD ...

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Unlock smartphones under new rules: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular

The government has agreed to the unlocking of devices in the United States, which means you can now unlock your mobile phone or tablet (iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones), to use it with different wireless network carrier. This facility is very essential, as users can now change their network provider if the current one is not suitable. All major service providers like ...

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4 Reasons to Buy iPad Air 2 Over iPad Air


With the changing times, the tastes and preferences of electronic lovers have shifted from traditional desktop computers to advanced tablets. Gone are the days when a heavy desktop computer used to amuse folks. Now the days have come when everybody is keen to flaunt his status and style by owing a handy, stylish and elegant tablet equipped with the latest ...

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Phorm – Tactile Keyboard That Rise Out of iPad Touchscreen

The debate becomes endless while physical keyboard versus digital keyboard comes in the track. Tactus Technology offers a best-in class solution with both physical as well as digital keyboards by providing both keyboard in a same device itself. Physical keyboard will rise out of the screen magically when you want to type and becomes flat in the ordinary state. Tactus ...

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Apple sparks rumors of next gen iPad even as it faces declining tablet sales

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) , for some time, has been struggling with an unenthusiastic market interest in its tablet products, ‘iPads’. Sales have been declining almost on a regular basis and consistently without indicating any signs of revival either now or anywhere in the near future. With several varieties available under its kitty for its tablets division, Apple Inc.’s latest moves ...

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The list of 5 most anticipated gadgets of 2015

The year 2014 has been loaded with gadgets and the expectation is that the year 2015 is also going to be the same if not better. The last year saw the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus breaking quite a few records. The gaming world also saw the launch of Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4, where ...

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