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Nokia developing 6-inch windows phone, soon to arrive to market

It is confirmed that Nokia is going to launch large sized handset in the coming month. Big screen phone or tablet gaining more reputation in the world of phone. So Nokia planning to launch phablet type Windows phone which has galaxy note size and with better features source. There has been rumored spread over Nokia launching updated version giant Windows phone ...

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Samsung galaxy tab 3 8-Inch Android Tablet review

The center edition of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 series, the particular Galaxy Tabs 3 8.0 makes its very own separate route inside the digital tablet world. This series boasts a changed and fresh changed design and reflects how quickly tablet technology has developed within months of Samsung’s last tablet release. This tab provides decent features in terms of screen ...

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Amazon’s Fall Tablets: Specifications – Affordable and Amazing

We all know that the showstoppers appear last. Well, the same can be said for Amazon’s entry level Kindle Fire as well. The tiny tablet, priced at just $159, has successfully avoided the expense and selective market appeal of Apple iPad and instead opted humbly for affordability and mass market appeal. While the high definition Kindle Fire HD tablets had ...

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Tablets shipments lowered before new iPad launch


The shipments of tablets of various companies have been lowered as the next generation iPad is soon going to be released as per a research report generated by IDC. Apple is soon going to launch new iPad and iPad are always the first preference by people. It has been seen that whenever a new iPad is going to be launched ...

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Google Nexus 7 dominates over Ipad Mini

As all of us know that Google has rolled out an updated version of its Nexus 7 model with many changes and increased the price tag by 30$ than the Previous Generation Nexus 7 which is released in 2012. The device has upgraded to the present day competitive world Google had tried their level best to give a Best Tab ...

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Surface Pro Tablets- $100 more discounted by Microsoft

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft, the creators of surface pro tablet have reduced the price of their bestselling surface pro tablet by $100. The price of the tablet was reduced by 10% which makes both the 64 GB and 128 GB models $100 cheaper than before in US. The prices were not reduced worldwide but in some regions of the world like USA, Canada, ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note III may be released on September 4

Hello readers I have a good news for all the Samsung fans who are reading this as the title says that “The Korean Mobile maker Samsung is going to release the big brother Galaxy Note III on September 4 which is exactly 2 days before the  IFA conference which will be held at Berlin on September 6″ As there are so ...

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Next iPad Mini Rumoured to Use Retina Display

iPad Mini

With apple gearing up for its upcoming Gen-Y iPad Mini’s release, the markets are already abound with rumors about what it can and cannot do. The latest of those rumor is that it is supposed to feature Retina Display, according to The Wall Street Journal, which is supposed to make its debut by the end of the year. The credibility of ...

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