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Microsoft update soon to fix Mouse lag issue in Windows 8.1

Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 was offered free to those owning Windows 8, thought the update included a small issue which makes the mouse to pause before the Windows Store is clicked.   Microsoft confirmed that most of the users who complained about problems while using mouse were gamers who noticed a lag while gaming including quirks from some users. Microsoft acknowledged ...

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Factory reset button added to Google Chrome

Now a single click can now turn Google chrome settings into its original state. Google announced that the browser can be restored to a “factory-fresh” state by the click of the new button. The new “reset browser settings” when clicked would restore any saved search engines or customization to its original state, as mentioned in the browser’s help page. All ...

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Streaming Pandora to TV is now easy via Chromecast support on its mobile app

Pandora, the popular music streaming service added Chromecast support to its Android and iOS apps to control streaming through a television. Yesterday, when Pandora updated its android app to provide enhanced support for tablets, the screenshots accidentally showed the Chromecast button and later removed it after a Google Play commenter pointed it out. It seems that the company was ready ...

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Windows Phone App Studio, a web-based developer tool has 65K apps in 2 months after its launch

Microsoft said since the launch of Windows Phone App Studio Beta in last August, 160K Developers have already built 65000 apps in their web-based easy application development tool with more than 150,000 projects created in just 2 months. Now, Microsoft want to keep the momentum by upgrading their developer tools, which allows the easy and quick apps also to be more ...

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Amazon expanded Cloud Player app to Mac

Away from the news and reporting of Q3 results from Samsung and other tech giants, Amazon is cooking something and today they released Cloud Player app for Mac along with launching their new Kindle Matchbook service. Earlier this year, Amzon launched the Cloud Player app on PC and before that it was only available in a small number of devices ...

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