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Facebook Launching App for Apple and Amazon Fire TV

Facebook logo on a TV screen

It seems like Facebook wants to extend even more. This is why they are planning to come right to you, through your TV screen. It may seem weird that a company which did not even exist when the TVs were the big thing wants to extend into that area. Still, Facebook wants to get a grip on each and every ...

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Frenchman Sues Uber for Telling Wife About his Affair

Uber app on an iPhone

A French businessman has reportedly filed a lawsuit in which he blamed ride-hailing company Uber for notifying his wife about an affair. He wants Uber to pay him $48 million for the damages inflicted and for causing his divorce. According to the reports, the Frenchman used his wife’s iPhone to order an Uber for a meeting with his mistress. Then, ...

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Instagram Live Stories Now Available to Everyone

Instagram live screen with pink and orange

The Instagram Live Stories feature has now become available for absolutely everyone, all over the world. The company, which Facebook owns, made the official announcement on Tuesday. Instagram has been making experiments with live broadcasting since November last year. They even introduced the feature to some countries, but until now, it was not available worldwide, to all of its over ...

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Why You Should Not Download Meitu, A New Chinese Photo App

Meitu as seen on a smartphone

Meitu is a Chinese-made photo editing app which has exploded in popularity over the last few days. Selfies edited with it have appeared all over the Internet. Meitu smoothes your skin, makes your face slimmer and applies virtual make-up on you. You look like a cute anime after you use this app. However, some experts argue that there might be ...

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Google Buys Twitter’s Developer Platform and Team

Google with magnifying glass over it

It seems like Google recently agreed with Twitter to buy their developer platform. This includes their Fabric suite which also includes the crash reporting service called Crashlytics. Twitter bought the latter in 2013. In 2014, the company launched it as a modulator for developers which allowed them to choose the best tools for improving their apps. It was used for ...

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Snapchat Made Changes to Simplify Navigation

Snapchat on an iPhone

Snapchat recently decided to make it much easier for its users to navigate the app and to also find their friends or different groups or stories. So, they implemented a universal search bar which, from now on, will stay accessible at the top part of the screen. The function is launching today only for some Android users and it will ...

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Snapchat to move International Headquarters to London

Snapchat logo on a yellow cube

The company behind the very popular app Snapchat, called Snap, decided to move their international headquarters to London, United Kingdom. This might seem bizarre for such a big company, especially an American one. The reason would be that usually, firms are moving their headquarters in countries with lower taxes like Luxembourg or Ireland. Among others, Facebook, Uber or Google have ...

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Twitter ‘s China Chief leaves the Company

Twitter sticker with the logo on it, on a table

Twitter ‘s China executive Kathy Chen became part of the company just eight months ago. She was hired to deal with the company’s businesses in Greater China. Now, she made the announcement that she chose to leave Twitter following a restructuring in the Asian leg of the company. It is interesting because the Chinese authorities blocked Twitter back in 2009. ...

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Twitter ‘s Jack Dorsey asks Users for Ideas for the Future

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey speaking on a stage

On Thursday, for more than six hours, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had exchanges with users about new ideas, suggestions and how can the micro-blogging platform become even better. His initial message was What’s the most important thing you want to see Twitter improve or create in 2017? A wave of suggestions and ideas Thousands of users shared their opinions and Dorsey even ...

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