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How will Microsoft’s new paint App will work on Windows 10


We all remember those internet free days when we would open our old computers just to… paint. Brings back memories right? Well, it seems like now, Microsoft is planning to redesign its famous app for Windows 10. An early version even went online and it is completely free. The whole idea behind the revamping of the famous app is that ...

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Prisma Photo App now works for Videos Too


Everybody knows Prisma. And if they don’t, they soon will. That very popular photo editing app which turns your ordinary daily photos into some amazing works. It uses a complicated system and now it supports 15-second videos on the iOS phones. The announcement was made by the team behind Prisma on Thursday. The idea is that the app will now ...

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WhatsApp now lets you Edit your Pictures, Emojis and Text included


WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. And now, the company revealed that the popular messaging app will let users customize their photos. They can add emojis, doodles and text on their photos. Sound like Snapchat? Exactly! A boost in popularity The new update lets you edit both your new and old photos or video clips. So now, after you select an ...

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Messenger Lite for Facebook Out Now!


Facebook has launched its “lite” version of the Messenger App. This has been done in order to help many users who are located in areas with slow internet speed. This version of the app is going to help them send and receive texts more easily. Facebook explained in a blog post that this version of the app is especially designed ...

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Cortana 2.0. Chatbot or Assistant?


Let’s start with a question: should Microsoft turn Cortana into a chatbot? Google is turning Google Now into one, so is this the way to go? It could be. But we will need some details first. The Windows 10 digital assistant named Cortana was revealed in 2014. Cortana is friendly and you can easily interact with her. Just ask a ...

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Google finally launches Allo, its Own Messaging App


Google long promised us that it would release a messaging app. Now is that time. Initially, both Allo and Duo (the video calling app) were supposed to get released at the same time. While Duo launched a few weeks ago, Allo just now saw the light of day, when it’s practically autumn. Its website is now functional and it explains ...

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Pokemon Go knows Where You Are. Is it A Problem?

Pokemon Go

Recently, some experts on privacy have raised a few questions regarding Pokemon Go’s ability to know exactly where you are, at any moment. And location is not the only thing that the creators of the game know about you. The game requires access to photos, files, camera and contacts on your phone. Interesting, right? Pokemon Go creator Niantic recently declared: ...

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Who Will buy Twitter? Here are Some Ideas!


This is a question that has been on everybody’s lips for a while now: what will happen to Twitter? The San Francisco-based social communications company is one of the most successful in the industry. It is not very big and it doesn’t have a huge technological impact but millions of people use it every day. The app has always been compared ...

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8 Best Features of the New iOS Upgrade

8 best features of the new iOS upgrade

The last iOS upgrade from Apple is full of interesting and useful new features. Those will probably reinvent your iPhone or iPad and are much needed. Here are 8 best features of the new iOS upgrade: Raise to wake This amazing new raise to wake feature uses the M9 co-processor in order to detect motion. This is why your lock screen ...

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