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Apple iOS 11 and What It Brings New

Apple iPhone 6 device

Apple just announced updates for their tvOS, macOS, watchOS and iOS at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California. Now, everybody is eagerly expecting to see what novelties will those new updates bring. This will be especially relevant considering the fact that last year’s iOS 10 update included improvements to the Lock Screen and its stock apps. However, ...

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Skype Gets Makeover, Introduces Stories

Skype app on a smartphone

Microsoft just released a completely new version of its popular Skype app. Apart from the makeover, the new Skype draws heavily from other messaging applications like Snapchat and Facebook Messenger. And when you talk about Snapchat, you talk about Stories and Skype now has them too. The name of the feature is Highlights. Also, another very important change is the ...

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Samsung SoundAssistant will Improve Your Audio Experience

Official Samsung logo

Samsung has just launched their new app called SoundAssistant which will allow Galaxy users to customize a wide range of audio setting on their devices. According to the company, this app offers 150 steps of volume adjustment. It also offers stereo and mono balancing, and also the ability for the user to set different volumes for different apps. It’s an ...

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Judy Malware Infects Millions of Android Devices

A malware attack

On Thursday, May 25, security firm Check Point revealed a comprehensive list of potentially dangerous Android apps. These applications reportedly infected millions of Android devices with malicious ad-click software. One of those apps had been available for everyone on Google’s Play Store for over a year. The firm is also saying that the malware has until now managed to infect ...

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Amazon Introduces Echo Look App

Amazon cards

It seems like Amazon wants to take a huge dive into the world of selfie cameras and began by introducing the new Echo Look companion app for iOS and Android. The app works with Echo’s connected camera and allows the users to take pictures of their outfits, compare them, select their favorites and more. It is interesting that only one month after ...

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Google Assistant on iPhone is Good but Limited

Google Assistant on a smartphone

Google’s Assistant has been preparing and waiting its entire short life for this moment. Users are now able to download it as a separate app on their iPhones. For some users at least, because for those who downloaded the Allo app, this will not come as a surprise. Still, the Assistant’s functionality on Google’s mobile messenger app was limited. However, ...

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Want to Relax and Be Fit? Ask Your Smart Assistant, Alexa for Help

Smart assistant

Smart assistants have been available for several months now. Amazon Echo’s Alexa is one of the best intelligent home systems. Despite the fact that it has been on the market for some time, Alexa owners still don’t know every skill the smart assistant has. Did you know that Alexa can help you lose weight and relax? Well, Alexa is starting ...

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Instagram Reaches 700 Million Users

Man scrolling through Instagram

Instagram Reaches 700 Million Users On Wednesday, Instagram made the official announcement that it reached 700 million active users. Not only is the number very impressive, but the speed with which the platform managed to reach it is even more amazing. In four months, the very popular photo and video-sharing platform managed to gain about 100 million users. The company ...

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What Can The Google Assistant Do?

Phone with the Google Assistant

Everybody must admit that now that we have so many virtual assistants, life without them would seem very hard. At first, it was Apple’s Siri, the voice-activated companion which helped the user with a lot of tasks. After that, many more followed: Amazon’s Alexa or Cortana from Microsoft. All made to help us and guide us when we are lost. ...

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Threatened to Pull Uber from App Store

Hand holding a phone with the Uber app

Everybody should remember that some time ago, Apple refused to allow the FBI to unlock and search through the iPhone of a supposed terrorist. So, it should be quite clear by now that the company really cares for its users’ security and safety. And its CEO, Tim Cook, cares too. This is why, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick got into some ...

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