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Apple Buys Workflow, makes it Free to Download

Apple Workflow image

Yesterday, Apple sealed the deal to acquire Workflow. This is an app for the iOS power users which lets you unite some actions that are repeating in order to make them easier and quicker to accomplish. It is an automation app. On Wednesday, a spokesperson confirmed the acquisition of the app and of its developer, DeskConnect. However, the spokesperson did ...

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Google Maps Now Helps You with Your Parking Location

Google Maps car with camera on top

Google Maps recently added a very useful new feature which will help drivers a lot, especially in crowded cities. This new option will remind people the spot where they parked their car. From now on, you will see a new menu option when you will touch the blue dot. Maps will then put a “P” on the spot where you ...

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Twitter Has an Anti-Harassment Feature Which Does Not Work Well

Twitter as seen in a tablet

Twitter has recently introduced an anti-harassment feature in the form of a “sensitive account” system. What this does is flag some users’ profiles for containing potentially “sensitive” content. This covers the entire profile and others users need to click on an option if they want to keep on seeing that specific profile or not. A Twitter team member said that ...

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Facebook is Launching a Snapchat Alternative: Messenger Day

Messenger Day on smartphone

Facebook has officially launched their new Messenger Day. This is actually an alternative for the Snapchat stories which are presenting what the user has done and what he has seen. Messenger Day is more of a planning app, full of Active Now indicators and filters which can help you find friends who are willing to go out and have fun. ...

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Tinder Has A Secret Version Called “Select”

Tinder app showing a Match

According to a source, Tinder has been operating a special version of their classic app, called “Select”. This is reportedly a members-only version of Tinder and it is mainly destined for celebrities and people who are very popular on Tinder. They are the so-called “elite” users and include CEOs, models, actors, influencers and so on and so forth. Tinder has ...

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Facebook Launching App for Apple and Amazon Fire TV

Facebook logo on a TV screen

It seems like Facebook wants to extend even more. This is why they are planning to come right to you, through your TV screen. It may seem weird that a company which did not even exist when the TVs were the big thing wants to extend into that area. Still, Facebook wants to get a grip on each and every ...

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Frenchman Sues Uber for Telling Wife About his Affair

Uber app on an iPhone

A French businessman has reportedly filed a lawsuit in which he blamed ride-hailing company Uber for notifying his wife about an affair. He wants Uber to pay him $48 million for the damages inflicted and for causing his divorce. According to the reports, the Frenchman used his wife’s iPhone to order an Uber for a meeting with his mistress. Then, ...

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Instagram Live Stories Now Available to Everyone

Instagram live screen with pink and orange

The Instagram Live Stories feature has now become available for absolutely everyone, all over the world. The company, which Facebook owns, made the official announcement on Tuesday. Instagram has been making experiments with live broadcasting since November last year. They even introduced the feature to some countries, but until now, it was not available worldwide, to all of its over ...

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Why You Should Not Download Meitu, A New Chinese Photo App

Meitu as seen on a smartphone

Meitu is a Chinese-made photo editing app which has exploded in popularity over the last few days. Selfies edited with it have appeared all over the Internet. Meitu smoothes your skin, makes your face slimmer and applies virtual make-up on you. You look like a cute anime after you use this app. However, some experts argue that there might be ...

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