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Google Launches New App to Help Upload Data to Cloud

Google Cloud logo

Google just launched the new app called “Backup and Sync from Google” which the company announced since the past month. The aim of this new tool is to make it easier for users to make backups of their data, including photographs and documents. Also, this app comes as a replacement for the old Google Photos app for desktop and the ...

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Twitter Introduces Mute Options to Fight Abusive Behavior

Twitter introduces mute options

Recently, Twitter announced a new step in the fight against those accounts that display an abusive behavior. Now, the highly-popular platform introduces a series of new settings. Those will reportedly allow users to avoid receiving notifications from accounts they don’t know or want to avoid. Those changes rolled out on Monday and thanks to them, you will have the possibility ...

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Snapchat has Introduced an Ad Skipping Feature

Robot hand with Snapchat

Snap has recently decided to make easy ad skipping a new feature on its Snapchat messaging app. The main problem here will concern marketers who, from now on, will have to make adjustments to make their ads blend in with the others. For example, there have been some videos on Snapchat which at a first glance, looked like a typical ...

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Tinder Gold, a New Service Which Requires Money

Tinder app o smartphone

It seems like even Tinder, the very popular dating app, is preparing for the hot summer days with a new service called Tinder Gold. Or this may very well be the app’s latest plan to make its users pay them money for a look behind the scenes. More precisely, this new service allows users to see only those people who ...

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Google Photos Adds New Important Features

Google Photos logo

Yesterday, Google began rolling out its new sharing feature in Google Photos. This functionality was first revealed back in May at the company’s I/O developer conference. More precisely, the tech giant is launching the Suggested Sharing feature which powered by artificial intelligence. Also, it launched the Shared Libraries one too, both of which are supposed to help make the Google ...

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Google Gives Up on Gchat, Replaces it with Hangouts

Google Hangouts

A good chat client, besides allowing a nice and smooth communication between two or more people, should inform the user which friends are available at a certain moment. Gchat (or Google Talk if you prefer) was one of those apps which did this very well. It had a small box with your frequent contacts which showed which contacts were available ...

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New Location-Sharing Feature on Snapchat Has Parents Worried

Snapchat on a smartphone

Last week, Snapchat officially announced a new feature. Thanks to this new addition, users will be able to see on a map where their friends are posting snaps from. Indeed, this update will make it much easier for people to see where their friends are, to communicate with them or to simply see where people are around the world and ...

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Uber Now Allows Clients to Tip Drivers

An Uber card

On Tuesday, ride-hailing giant Uber announced the introduction of a new built-in tipping system. This will momentarily be available only in the United States and will allow passengers to tip their drivers with only one touch. This is the first time the app has introduced something like this. It’s also part of a new strategy meant to reshape Uber and ...

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Instagram Testing New Way to Identify Sponsored Posts

Instagram on a tablet

According to recent reports, Instagram is currently developing and testing a standardized format. This addition should make it obvious for everyone when an advertiser has paid for a certain post. The feature is not meant for ads which businesses buy from the company. It’s rather for influencers like celebrities or people with massive follower bases which brands pay to promote ...

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Google Drive Will Back Up the Entire Computer

Google Drive logo

It seems like Google has some very big plans for its Drive tool and wants to tur it into something much more robust and useful. So, soon, files will no longer live inside the Drive folder. Instead, the tool will be able to analyze and backup each file you have on your computer, from the folders you tell it to. ...

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