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Instagram Stories introduces Stickers for Emojis, Locations and Seasons

Instagram Stories seen on an iPhne

Instagram has just released a new update for its Stories section which contains what some would call an “carbon copy” of Snapchat’s geofilters. Their new Stickers offer users the opportunity to make their photos and videos more fun. The company announced the Stickers through an official post on their blog. Emojis, locations and seasons How does this new update work? It ...

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Google‘s PhotoScan app will let you digitize old Photos

PhotoScan official logo

There is one question that has been in many people’s minds since the dawn of digital photo technology. And this is what are we going to do with the old, paper printed photos? And how can we digitize them effectively? Well, now it seems like Google Photos might have finally found the answer to these problems. Their new PhotoScan app. ...

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Instagram Stories introduces Links, Mentions and Boomerangs

Instagram stories shpwn on an iPhone and what you can do with it on a picture of a cat

If until now people were saying that Instagram ripped-off Snapchat with their Stories feature, now it seems like the Stories are beginning to make their own name. Today, Instagram introduced three new features which users will be able to add into their stories. Maybe the reason for this is the backlash generated by users who thought Instagram pretty much copied ...

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Can Amazon ‘s new Rapids App make Kids fall in love with reading?

A little girl holding a smartphone and enjoying Amazon Rapids app

Let’s face it. Kids nowadays do not like to read anymore. Well, they do not read books that is, because they actually read all sorts of things. On the internet especially. Which is not always very good. And somehow it is understandable. Normal books do not have colorful illustrations or fun, lively characters. And it seems like this is exactly ...

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The popular and quirky App called Vine is now Dead and Gone

Vine, as seen on a laptop and on a smartphone, with its white logo on green background

We all remember that weird but fun app, which let you post six-second funny videos, named Vine. It seems like it is gone forever. Was it suicide? Was it murder? We are not sure. But what we are sure of, is that it will be missed. Last Thursday, Vine’s mother company, Twitter, made the announcement that videos uploaded onto the ...

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WhatsApp now supports Video Calling Feature

WhatsApp logo as seen on the display of a smartphone

We all know by now that WhatsApp has been bought by Facebook. And it seems like it was the best move they could have made. Since then, WhatsApp has only gone from good to better. New features were added, new options in the messaging system and voice calling. Now, they are planning to introduce a new feature, maybe the best ...

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Instagram to introduce Live Video Feature


Facebook introduced its live video feature earlier this year. And people loved it. Then Instagram introduced their Insta Stories, which does exactly what Snapchat has been doing. It lets you take short vides or quick photos. People loved that too. Now, its photo and video sharing platform, Instagram wants to also take this road. We are talking about the live ...

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Amazon ‘s “Music Unlimited” service is here


On Wednesday, Amazon is launching their new subscription based music service. Amazon Music Unlimited can turn you normal and boring phone speaker into a jukebox full of music and life. Sound good right? The subscription starts at $3.99 per month. And you can have access to tens of millions of songs. The interesting thing is that the cost is almost ...

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