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Twitter and its New Tweetstorm Feature

Twitter has a hidden tweetstorm feature

Many people have complained over the years about Twitter’s signature 140-character limit. Sure, users have found a solution to this problem by posting chain tweets. However, this can get tricky and if you don’t know exactly what to do and how to post, it will be a mess and your message will surely not come across very clear. Fortunately, it ...

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Twitter Bringing “Night Mode” on Desktop Too

Twitter Night Mode

It seems like Twitter wants to go dark this season and wants to surprise those people who use the desktop version more frequently. This is why, now, if you happen to use a computer more than a mobile device, you will be able to select the “Night Mode” interface for the popular social media platform. Fans of mobile devices should ...

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Android 8.0 Oreo is Lovely and Well-Done

Android 8.0 Oreo promo image

The new version of the popular Android operating system, very-interestingly called 8.0 Oreo, after the biscuits we all know and love, is finally here. Long story short, it’s lovely and it brings many changes which have to do with the evolution of the system. They are not exactly revolutionary in any way, but are extremely useful and were needed. Some ...

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Facebook and Instagram Introduce Design Changes

Icons representing apps, with fFacebook and Instagram undergoing design changes

It seems like Facebook has been drawing inspiration from other popular websites like Reddit. In conclusion, the tech giant decided that it’s time for a design change. This is why you may have noticed that your News Feed seems more open and easier to read. Also, it’s now much simpler to leave comments or to click on specific content that ...

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Graphy from LG Will Allow Users to Copy Professional Photos

LG introduces Graphy app

LG has been launching some very-interesting news about its upcoming flagship smartphone called V30. The most recent piece of news centers around a new app that amateur photographers will surely love. The new phone will reportedly come with the app Graphy installed in its camera app. And Graphy will do something that no other app has ever been able to. ...

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FaceApp Now Has Black, Asian and Indian Filters

Blonde girl and man transformed in FaceApp

FaceApp is that one app which has become very popular among internet users for allowing them to age their portraits, to make them younger or to even alter their appearance. However, people have been criticizing the app for failing to offer racial alternatives and for sometimes whitening the skin to make the portraits prettier. Because of this, the Russian developers ...

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Facebook Launches Watch, Its Take on Social Television

Facebook launches Watch tab

It seems like Facebook as begun its fight to enter the television business. Today, it launched Watch, its video platform containing programs which the company has financed. Actually, this platform has existed for quite some time, but the company redesigned it and transformed it into some kind of money maker. So, starting August 10, the video tab in the Facebook ...

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WhatsApp Testing A Series Of Facebook-Like Features On Android

whatsapp testing new features

Media reports pointed out that WhatsApp seemed to be testing a new set of features for its Android versions, reports which were later confirmed by the developer as it opened up beta testing. This new series of properties are Facebook-inspired, as users may soon be able to customize their status updates. WhatsApp Testing New Status to Liven the Available One ...

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Facebook AI Project Gets New Codes After Making Its Own Language

facebook ai project illustration

Facebook researchers have been working on developing and teaching a pair of artificial intelligence (AI) powered agents how to negotiate. Now, according to a recent release from the team, these moved slightly passed their expectations and seem to have developed their own ‘language’ or at least a communication system. After spotting this unexpected consequence, the developers decided to shut down ...

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Amazon Working on New Messaging App

Amazon works on new messaging app

According to some recent reports, the giant company Amazon, mostly specialized in e-commerce, is working on developing a new messaging app. The giant is reportedly aiming at having its own personal app which will be called Anytime, meant to rival the Facebook Messenger. Moreover, the company is currently asking its customers about what to introduce and what to leave out ...

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