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You Can Now Track Uber Rides from your Smartphone

If you have a Family Profile, then you can now track Uber rides and see exactly where your family members and close friends are at all times. This measure comes to meet the concerns of users who were starting to abandon the services of the car-sharing app due to all of the assault complaints. Uber did not have a good ...

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Uber Adds Trip Branding Features to its App

alt="User Requests Uber Ride"

Uber has announced a “Ride Request Widget” that lets customers integrate its apps into theirs more easily. The ride-hailing company had already had a Ride Request Button, but with the new widget, developers can add the apps quicker than ever. This upgraded functionality is targeted at customers who have connectivity issues. More than that, developers have another helping hand from ...

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Facebook Messenger Wants to Become a Mobile Wallet

It looks like Facebook isn’t playing around when it comes to transforming its Messenger app into a full-blown platform, equipped with a new in-store mobile payment option it plans to release. According to The Information, there are clues all over the code of the Facebook Messenger app for iOS, as the publication extracted and viewed these software files from the ...

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Google Photos Creates Vacation Albums So You Don’t Have To

Even though it’s barely ten months old, Google Photos has already amassed more than 100 million monthly active users. It owes its success partly to the ever-growing list of features that Google keeps on upgrading on the photo management app, including the recently added support for Live Photos. But have you ever felt like you just couldn’t pick out the ...

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Apple Inc. Announces Open Source Platform CareKit

Apple’s CareKit was announced today, promising to give a helping hand to developers of healthcare apps. Open-sourced software platform CareKit is similar to that of Apple’s ResearchKit, which is a software platform directed at scientists. ResearchKit works based on apps ranked in the Apple app store, allowing researchers to conduct various studies. However, CareKit is another thing altogether; the platform ...

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Snapchat Has Launched On-demand Geofilters

Wanting to become a more official part of your special events, Snapchat has launched on-demand geofilters that people will be paying for. It’s not the first time Snapchat has offered sponsored geofilters, but this time, on-demand filters are aimed at smaller events and geographical areas. This means the price payed by users for these custom filters will be significantly lower. ...

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Microsoft’s Fetch! App Recognizes and Classifies Dog Breeds

There’s little chance you didn’t hear or try Microsoft’s how-old.net site launched last spring – the smart AI that it was based on was all the rage. Now, Microsoft has taken its facial recognition and artificial intelligence efforts to a whole new level. Welcome to Fetch! – an app designed to for fans of the canine world who are curious ...

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Tinder Has Partnered up With Giphy for GIF Support

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but there are times when the power of the animate GIF cannot be matched by a static image. Ever since it acquired Tappy, the photo messaging app, last year, Tinder didn’t seem to have any plans for it. Tappy provided “the antidote to texting,” according to its own advertising, and now ...

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Your Smartphone Already Has the Best Productivity Apps

alt="Your Smartphone Already Has the Best Productivity Apps"

It’s tough to choose from the zillion productivity apps out there – apps that promise to help you email more efficiently and never again forget what you have to buy from grocery shop. However, no matter how good they are, the reality is we rarely ever open them after the first time. When’s the last time you actually minded the ...

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