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Skype Adds New Bots Features

Skype Ads New Bots Features

Microsoft’s Skype adds new bots features, just in case human interaction was too mainstream for some users. Skype Bot Platform was announced late March as a way to enhance the Skype experience. Skype officials claim that ever since its rollout this spring, more than 30,000 developers had started building bots. The Microsoft Bot Framework “V3” is an especially-designed environment for ...

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Google Now on Tap Gets New Updates – Check’em Out

Google Now on Tap Gets New Updates

Google now on tap gets new updates for Android Marshmallow users. Now on Tap is a feature that gets information about what’s on the user’s screen by just holding the Home button to activate it. It will show relevant info, actions, or apps using what you see on your display. Google Now on Tap gets new updates to add to ...

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VLC Lands on Windows 10 With Extra Goodies

VLC Lands on Windows 10

The popular VLC lands on Windows 10, bringing a few goodies along. VideoLAN has released the 2.0.0 beta version of VLC for Windows 10 on Wednesday. It is the latest version of the world-known media player, and just like the desktop version, it allows for all multimedia files streaming. This recent release comes with unique features, along with the ones ...

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Google Chrome Bug Makes a Pirate’s Life Easy

google chrome bug app on screen

A team of Israeli-German researchers has uncovered that a Google Chrome bug makes a pirate’ life easy in this day and age. The news hits the world of digital streaming hard as popular browser-based services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime have already voiced their concerns on the matter. This comes on top of requests from such companies that browsers ...

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Microsoft SharePoint for iOS Is Now Available

Microsoft SharePoint for iOS is now available for download on App Store. The app is developed for iPhone and iPad users for now. It is planned to arrive on Android and Windows Universal in a couple of months as well, no later than year end. SharePoint is used by hundreds of thousands of organization to share news, documents, pages, and ...

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Sonos for iOS Gets Lock Screen Control

Sonos for iOS Gets Lock Screen Control

Sonos for iOS gets lock screen control, so no more wasting time unlocking your phone to use the system. Users can now control the volume, skip forward and backward, pause, and resume playback. All while keeping your smartphone locked. Sonos has simplified its user’s life by getting rid of unlocked screen control that meant launching the app every time you ...

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Marshmallow Hits 10 Percent on Android

"Marshmallow Hits 10 Percent on Android"

Marshmallow hits 10 percent on Android, according to Google’s early June stats. This is quite a big accomplishment, given that in March it was on only 2.3 percent of Android devices. This huge jump of over 7.7 percent should make you want to upgrade to Marshmallow too. We’ll go through some of its great features later. But first, how come ...

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Microsoft launched Planner, Asana’s Competitor

"Microsoft launched Planner, Asana’s Competitor"

Microsoft launched Planner earlier this week, a team collaboration tool in direct competition with similar software such as Trello, Slack, and Asana. Planner was first introduced in September last year. However, it was only available to select customers. Now, all Office 365 users can make use of the new app. This new addition to the Office suite follows the same ...

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Android Microsoft Band 2 now supports Cortana

"Android Microsoft Band 2 now supports Cortana"

Android Microsoft Band 2 now supports Cortana, bringing new treats to Android phone users. Be quick to take a look at the latest update for Microsoft Health. The most recent version of the app now comes with Cortana for Android allowing users to access the personal assistant straight from their wrist. After you update your Health app, you can use ...

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