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HQ Trivia is Officially Making Its Way to Android

hq trivia app description in google play store

The HQ Trivia mobile application, already one of the most popular apps on Apple smartphones and tablets, will soon be available for Android devices as well. The Google Play Store is already allowing users to pre-register for the app. Thanks to this, they will be receiving it as an automatic download upon the app’s public release. The Popularity of HQ Trivia Will ...

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Top 4 iPhone Apps on Sale Now

Close up of an iPhone screen with colorful apps icons on it

With Halloween just around the corner, no wonder many developers want to surprise Apple fans. That’s why today we must present you a couple of iPhone apps on sale. They are usually available for a price, but now the developers decided to make them available for free or for less than their regular price. Let’s have a look at the ...

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Google Maps to Remove Calorie Counter from iOS Apps

Google Maps logo

After receiving harsh criticism from people who suffer or have suffered from eating disorders, Google has decided to remove the small cupcake calorie counter from its Google Maps iOS apps. This is a feature that tracks how many calories a person has burned by walking a certain distance on foot. Now, that will no longer exist in the app. According ...

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The Jewel That is Facebook’s Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite promo image

There are people on this planet that are not particularly impressed by the Facebook-branded products. Some don’t like its apps, some hate the design of the platform, while others are simply annoyed by the people ruling this company. And there is nothing wrong with that, as we are all different people with different personalities and tastes. However, there is one ...

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Stranger Things Mobile Game Launches

Stranger Things title card

On Wednesday, the company Bonus XP, Inc. released a mobile app in anticipation of the second season of Netflix’s hugely successful horror series Stranger Things. The app, which fans of the series can now download from either the App Store or rom Google Play, is actually a mobile game. It also has a very interesting soundtrack, fairly reminiscent of the ...

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China Tries to Block WhatsApp as Censorship Grows

Person texting on WhatsApp

It seems like the Chinese censorship continue to grow as the country blocks popular messaging app WhatsApp, which belongs to Facebook. The country’s newest surveillance technology has the aim to disrupt the app as part of the strategy to control every corner of the internet. Also, to block any foreign influence that might implement idea into the minds of the ...

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What Would Bill Gates Change About Windows

Portrait of Bill Gates

It seems like Windows users are not the only ones having certain problems and annoyances with the famous and highly-popular operating system. Everyone who knows the dreaded key combination of “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” absolutely hates it. The process of rebooting a program is very annoying, takes time and seems to have its origins in the stone age. Well, apparently, Bill Gates himself ...

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Face ID Might Not Be That Safe, Experts Claim

Face ID technology

With Apple’s official announcement of its new devices, the iPhone x along with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, many questions started popping up. When it comes to the iPhone X, most people want to know whether or not this new face recognition technology, called Face ID, is indeed as secure as Apple says it is. Also, considering how expensive ...

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iOS 11’s Hidden Features for An Easier Life

Promo image for iOS 11

We should be used by now to the fact that Apple releases a new and improved version of its iOS operating system with almost each new iPhone release. This year keeps the tradition going, and when you finally get the new iPhone X (or 8 and 8 Plus for that matter), you will be able to test the iOS 11 ...

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Facebook Testing Pre-Loaded Instant Videos

Facebook Watch, where users can watch various videos

It’s very interesting that social media platforms have begun experimenting with various changes in their systems. This is what Facebook is also doing, considering what it announced on Monday. The company is reportedly testing a new feature called Instant Videos in collaboration with a small and select number of Android users. According to reports, this feature is going to pre-download ...

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