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Facebook’s buy button scrutinized

According to the reports, Facebook is testing a new feature – buy, which will allow the user to buy items directly without leaving the social surrounding.  According to the statistics, one can easily come to a direct conclusion stating that fact that approximately half the world’s population lives a second life on Facebook. The fact that Facebook is the most ...

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Facebook Launches ‘Mentions’ iOS App, only for Celebrities

A new app known as “Mentions” has recently been launched by the social networking site Facebook. It would enable the celebrities to manage their public pages over the social media. Facebook Mentions has been in the news for a long time but nothing had been materialized before. Finally, the app has surfaced and the public figures can interact with their ...

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Facebook partners Neilson to track mobile TV viewing

By the fall this year, Facebook will forward the aggregated data on gender and age of people who view TV shows on their devices to Nielsen. Nielsen, a renowned TV rating company is looking to collaborate with Facebook in order to track what viewers see on their respective devices. Nielsen had been focusing on the TV viewership tracking but, in ...

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Google+ apologized and reversed its ‘real name’ policy

Yes, you are reading it right in the title; Google has stalled its policy of asking people to submit their real names for its social networking website Google+. Google+ debuted four years ago and it consisted of too many restrictions at the time of its launch. One of its requirements was that the users enter their original name instead of ...

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LinkedIn officially announces acquisition of Newsle

World’s largest business-oriented social network LinkedIn has announced about the acquisition of the startup Newsle. Newsle is an application developed to provide latest news updates related to the users contacts on popular social networks including Facebook and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the many social networking sites that exist along the internet today. But compared to most of them, LinkedIn ...

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Facebook Messenger for iPad hits iOS App Store


Latest update for Facebook messenger app is out in iTunes. The latest version which is Messenger 7.0 has been released on iTunes after a complete repacking in all the aspects. Major change is calling feature and from this version onwards the Facebook messenger app can be installed on iPad. One of the main change in the app is in its ...

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Wildlife-hunting cheerleader receives widespread criticism on Internet

Kendall Jones, a Texas cheerleader received widespread backlash after she posted photos showing the animals that she had killed during a safari trip in Africa. Facebook responded by removing the photos from her page. The photos were posted by 19-year old Jones on her Facebook page showing her sitting on the hunted elephant, Lion and Leopard. Change.org received more than ...

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