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Do You Want to Follow Hashtags on Instagram? Now You Can

instagram open on smartphone held by a hand

When it comes to scrolling through our social media feeds, who wouldn’t want to be met with more relevant posts? Instagram recently introduced a new feature that allows you to do just that. By following hashtags relevant to your interests, your newsfeed could transform into a place where you are consistently up-to-date with the latest and most popular posts relevant ...

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280-Characters Long Tweets Are The New Norm On Twitter

Twitter, the giant microblogging platform, has been experimenting with increasing the size of its tweets for quite some time now. The social media platform is or was famous for its 140-characters long posts that were sometimes just not enough and led to veritable “tweetstorms”. In looking to expand its limit, Twitter conducted a small, select users test that saw them ...

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Facebook Claiming It Reaches More People than Actually Exist

Facebook logo with people

It seems like Facebook might be saying that it reaches far more people than the United States census is saying actually exist. The social media platform is saying that it manages to reach about 41 million people with ages between 18 and 24. Well, the census is saying that there are actually only 31 million of them in the country. ...

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Apple Is The Latest To Join Instagram, But Just For Its iPhone Users?

iphone users taking a photo

Apple just became the latest brand the join Instagram, the ever increasing photo sharing platform. Launched just two days ago, the apple brand account already has over 299k followers and is expected to gain even more. However, in contrast to its widely unused Twitter page, Apple is already using Insta. Still, it is not doing as expected. Instead of posting ...

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Facebook Is Making Changes To Its News Feed Loading Time

news feed loading time

On Wednesday, Facebook announced that it would be bringing some changes to its News Feed loading time, ones that should reportedly make this easier and faster to load for users. Facebook is planning on ‘rewarding’ pages with a faster loading time and to ‘punish’ those with a slower one. In a blog announcement posted on the Newsroom, Facebook stated that ...

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Users Shouldn’t Sign into New Apps with Social Media Accounts

Social media platforms

A recent study done by the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, which they published in April, found that thousands of apps on the Play Store require access to sensitive information. Also, that they share this information with other apps which the user didn’t allow permission for. It’s nothing new that the majority of apps require the user to introduce certain info such as ...

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Facebook Tests a “Dislike” Button

Facebook Messenger app on iPhone

It seems like Facebook has begun testing some new users Reactions. Among them will apparently be a “Dislike” button too. However, the new button is not going to be where you would expect it to be. According to Facebook, from now on, you will be able to reply to your friends in the Facebook Messenger app by sending an emoji, the ...

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Stuffed Toys which Can Record, Dangerous for Your Child

Plush Dog Toys Children Soft

It has been a serious concern for a long time that stuffed toys could record messages and sounds. So, they could really be a risk for the privacy of the children and their parents too. It seems like now, through a security vulnerability, anyone was able to see personal information, see photos or hear recordings belonging to the owners of ...

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Your headphones can be hacked into and used to eavesdrop

pair of headphones on a table

Remember when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told us all that we should cover our webcams and microphones? Everyone said that he was just paranoid. Well, we should all think twice. Apparently, apart from the video and audio hacking, our headphones can also be messed with. Not nice! An interesting and scary study Researchers at Israel’s Ben Gurion University recently discovered ...

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Disney rumored to buy Twitter. Will it work?


This is indeed an unlikely pair. An entertainment giant and a popular social platform. It is strange, but it may not be the strangest thing to ever happen. On Monday, Bloomberg reported that Disney is thinking about buying Twitter. They are joining a growing list of companies like Microsoft Corp. or Google Inc. This is indeed an old and long ...

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