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Samsung Launched Galaxy S8 Despite Design Flaw

Two Samsung \galaxy S8 models

Those last few weeks marked some important events in the smartphone world. Mainly, the new releases were the ones which captivated everyone. From the new Huawei P10, to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. However, from those, only one stood out: the highly-anticipated Galaxy S8, with its bezel-less design and curved display, a clear evolution from ...

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Next Google Pixel Could Have Curved Screen

Google Pixel smartphone

With the follow-up of the very popular and praised Google Pixel smartphone from 2016, the company is reportedly planning to also introduce the curved screen display. According to a report, the company wants to invest at least $880 million in LG Display Co. The reason for this is the giant’s wish to have a solid supplier of flexible OLED screens ...

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What You Need to Know About Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 device charging

Last week, Samsung officially announced their new flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Everyone can now pre-order the smartphones. At a first glance, it seems like Samsung did everything right with this device, especially after the Note 7 scandal. However, one should not think that it is the best smartphone ever. So, there are a few things a ...

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Samsung Galaxy S8 and What It Brings New

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has just launched their highly-anticipated Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus flagship smartphones. There are some differences between the two devices. However, according to reports, the company put most of its hopes in the S8 version. Still, there are people who are wondering whether or not the new smartphone is really that much better than the Galaxy S7 one. ...

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Samsung to Sell Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 Devices

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on its box

On Monday, Samsung Electronics announced that it is planning to sell refurbished versions of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. Yes, this is the same phone which they issued a very costly recall for last year, due to it exploding or catching fire and hurting numerous people. After a while, the company revealed that the phone’s batteries were at fault for ...

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Apple Launched a New Red iPhone 7

Apple red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Yesterday, Apple announced that they are introducing a new color of iPhone 7. That is red. It is true that Apple made available phone cases in red for their iPhones, but this is the very first device which actually has this color. The phone bears the name Product (RED) and it is made of aluminum. It also marks the partnership between Apple ...

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Everything We Know About Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung galaxy S8 smartphones

Samsung is going to hold a special event on March 29th in New York, where they will announce their new Galaxy S8 smartphone. The device is reportedly going to mark a new direction in what concerns the design of the smartphone for Samsung. The Galaxy S6 was the last time when the devices had a complete makeover. It seems like ...

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Samsung’s Bixby Will Help You with Your Phone

Samsung Bixby logo

Until now, Samsung did not have its official virtual assistant. All the other big companies do, from Apple to Google. Well, on Monday, Samsung officially announced its own version of a personal and smart virtual assistant. It is called Bixby. However, if you think this will be just another classic virtual assistant, you might soon change your mind. The company ...

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Samsung Working on A New Note Series

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

According to some recent rumors, Samsung is working on a new Galaxy Note line of smartphones. They are even going to reveal the new Galaxy Note 8 soon. This piece of news comes as a surprise to many, especially after what happened with the now infamous Note 7 smartphone. This is also interesting because Samsung is preparing to launch their ...

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Huawei P10 and the Novelties It Brings

Huawei P10 Leica double-camera system

Let’s begin with the bad news. The new handset from Huawei, the P10, is not going to be available for sale in the United States, at least for the moment. The good news? It is a very good smartphone. It will be pretty expensive when it will go on sale (649 Euros), but it is a top-quality phone with lots ...

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