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Samsung Galaxy S8 20% more Expensive than its Predecessor

Samsung Galaxy S8 conceptual image

In spring, Samsung is expected to deliver one of their best smartphones ever. Rumor has it that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will come out in April, but nobody knows for sure. The main idea is that after the Note 7 mess, the company will need to not only meet, but surpass everybody’s expectations with an amazing device. They will ...

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The iPhone ’s sudden Shutdown Problem is Bigger than initially thought

iPhone 6 and 6S in rose gold

On Tuesday, Apple admitted that the iPhone 6S’ sudden shutdown problem might be more serious than they initially thought. They also said that the next iOS update is going to come with diagnostic tools, in order to find out more details about what might cause this unexpected malfunction. Reason unknown The Cupertino, California based mobile company has admitted that they ...

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Is Google ‘s Pixel actually better than the iPhone?

Two models of Google Pixel in black

According to a recent report, Google ‘s Pixel has been identified as a better smartphone than the iPhone 7. While it is true that there are many customers who got used to a specific brand of smartphone and are only buying its devices, there are others who are always shifting. They are in a never ending search for the greatest ...

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New Rumors surface regarding Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S8 promotional image of the concept

Even if Samsung has not yet announced their Galaxy S8 device, there are already rumors regarding the phone’s innovative features. Many changes are in sight and it is understandable. After the mess that was Galaxy Note 7, which the company had to totally recall and ended up stopping the production, their only choice now is to make people forget that ...

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Samsung to take their AI Assistant to the Next Level, with Galaxy S8

Samsung to implement artificial Intelligence. Here, many synonyms written on a tablet which sits on a wooden table, by a pen and a coffee and almond cookies

Samsung appears to be planning something big regarding their new and improved artificial intelligence assistant. The Wall Street Journal reports that the South Korean giant is planning to introduce it to the world with their future Galaxy S8 smartphones. Also, they want to incorporate a button especially designed to access your virtual helper. They will reportedly place this button on ...

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Kodak announced their new Smartphone, called Ektra


Kodak has just announced their new smartphone which will reportedly pay an homage to their vintage cameras. More specifically, one launched in 1941. The new phone will borrow from its design and it is also named after it. The new Android smartphone will be available for everyone in Europe later this year. An American release might also be possible. An homage It ...

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Is the iPhone 7 really the fastest Phone in the World?

iPhone 7

While we might hate to admit it, at the moment, there is no real competition on the market for Apple’s iPhone 7. And when we are saying hate, we mean the sad perspective of not having anything close to compare it with. Ok, there is Samsung but after the Note 7 scandal with the exploding phones, they are kind of ...

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Samsung apologizes to Customers for Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco


Samsung is not in a good place right now. First, numerous Galaxy Note 7 smartphones were catching fire and causing panic (and victims). Then, the company decided to recall the problematic device and give customers new ones. But things got ugly again, as those too were exploding one by one. So the issue persisted. Now, Samsung has decided to completely ...

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