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OnePlus 5 Reboots when Users Call 911

OnePlus 5 smartphones reboot upon calling 911

It seems like those people who happen to possess a OnePlus 5 smartphone may have trouble if they’ll try to call the emergency line. It all began with one single complaint on Reddit from a person who claimed that they tried calling 911 twice after seeing a building that was on fire. Unfortunately, the smartphone rebooted both times and the ...

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iPhone 8 to Arrive Later and to Be More Expensive

iPhone 8 to arrive later

The upcoming iPhone 8 from Apple is going to be the one which will have the most revolutionary additions out of all the models. The company will surely wish for the majority of their users to go and grab the new device instead of reusing the older versions. The new smartphone will probably display the company’s ability to be innovative ...

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Leaks Show the New Nokia 8 Smartphone

Leaks show the new Nokia 8

According to some new repots and a few leaks, the upcoming model of high-end smartphone from Nokia will bear the name Nokia 8. Actually, a group from Finland called HMD Global is currently manufacturing those devices under the famous brand. On Monday, Evan Blass, a well-known tech leaker, is the one who posted the image showing the upcoming smartphone on ...

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Design and Release Date for iPhone 8 almost Confirmed

Some iPhone 8 rumors have been confirmed

There have been rumors after rumors about the upcoming iPhone 8 from Apple. Some seemed too good to be true, while others appeared to be closer to the truth. Now, it seems like there have been some confirmations regarding the direction the new device is going to. There may be months before its official release, but this never stopped anyone ...

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Huawei Announces Special KFC Phone for China

Huawei and KFC make special edition phone

Smartphone manufacturers have always tried to surprise their users in various ways. This is why some companies have chosen to launch very interesting themed smartphones. Fans probably remember the very cool superhero Samsung Galaxy phones or the amazing R2-D2 Droid 2, inspired by the Star Wars franchise. Also, there have been some not so pretty ones as well, like the ...

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LG Announces Mid-Range Q6 Smartphones

Q6 series of smartphones

Recently, LG made the official announcement regarding the release of a new mid-range handset, the LG Q6. Over the past two weeks, rumors have been going around about this new range of smartphones. Now, it seems like it is all finally official. According to the company, the new series is basically the lesser version of the LG G6. Moreover, some ...

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Everything We know about Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel

Last year, Google decided that it was time for a change. And a big one. So, it retired the Nexus line and preferred to take the path of own-branded handsets. This is how the very-successful smartphone called Pixel was born. Now, everybody is eagerly waiting for the upcoming Pixel 2. If rumors are true, this next phone is sure to ...

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Moto Z2 Play, Good but Not Impressive

Moto Z2 Play

The Moto Z2 Play smartphone is the latest entry from Motorola when it comes to modular phones. The interesting fact about these devices is that they allow the user to swap in add-ons which add new features. In what concerns the Z2 Play, it’s a more refined version of the company’s middle range handset. Also, it brings a lot of ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8, More Expensive than Initially Thought

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 more expensive

It seems like fans of the Samsung brand are not going to be very happy about the recent news regarding the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 device. After some rather convincing leaks which pretty much confirmed that the highly-anticipated smartphone will not come with a screen fingerprint sensor, it seems like the device will also be more expensive than everybody initially ...

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Nokia 3, the Comeback Everyone Has Been Waiting For

Nokia 3 smartphone

It’s always a very risky move to reinvent a classic. It doesn’t matter what it is, phone, videogame, or any other device. The expectations are always very high and when the fans finally get their hands on that certain device, they are usually disappointed. It’s a completely normal behavior to think of a remake that it’s not as good as ...

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