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Android One Smartphones Coming to U.S.

Green Android Mascot

A recent report tells us that Google is going to launch its Android One program in the United States too. This program was originally made to help developing markets with low-cost Android-powered smartphones. Now, it seems like the program will reach U.S. too and the first such device will arrive before the middle of 2017. The Android One program Still, ...

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Samsung Identified the Cause of Note 7 Explosions

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

According to someone familiar with Samsung, the company concluded the investigation meant to find the exact cause of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco and why were the smartphones catching fire. According to them, the only cause was the battery of the devices. It seems like Samsung wants to end this situation once and for all and prepare for the release ...

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Samsung Galaxy S8 does not seem to have a Home Button Anymore

Samsung Galaxy S7 image, the gold model

Even if CES 2017 has attracted everyone’s attention these days, another piece of news made us look twice. The new reports are about two devices which will most probably be the best sellers of this year: iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung will unveil their new Galaxy smartphone in just a few months whereas Apple will take a bit ...

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Apple to introduce New iPhone with Dual Vertical Cameras, Rumor says

Apple logo on a glass building

According to a report from Japanese blog Mac Okatara, Apple may soon release a new iPhone model which is going to come with a system including two vertical cameras. The new smartphone will reportedly have a 5-inch display and will represent the medium sized model for 2017. A new iPhone model Mac Okatara is Apple ‘s Taiwanese supply chain. According ...

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Samsung Galaxy S8 20% more Expensive than its Predecessor

Samsung Galaxy S8 conceptual image

In spring, Samsung is expected to deliver one of their best smartphones ever. Rumor has it that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will come out in April, but nobody knows for sure. The main idea is that after the Note 7 mess, the company will need to not only meet, but surpass everybody’s expectations with an amazing device. They will ...

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The iPhone ’s sudden Shutdown Problem is Bigger than initially thought

iPhone 6 and 6S in rose gold

On Tuesday, Apple admitted that the iPhone 6S’ sudden shutdown problem might be more serious than they initially thought. They also said that the next iOS update is going to come with diagnostic tools, in order to find out more details about what might cause this unexpected malfunction. Reason unknown The Cupertino, California based mobile company has admitted that they ...

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Is Google ‘s Pixel actually better than the iPhone?

Two models of Google Pixel in black

According to a recent report, Google ‘s Pixel has been identified as a better smartphone than the iPhone 7. While it is true that there are many customers who got used to a specific brand of smartphone and are only buying its devices, there are others who are always shifting. They are in a never ending search for the greatest ...

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New Rumors surface regarding Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S8 promotional image of the concept

Even if Samsung has not yet announced their Galaxy S8 device, there are already rumors regarding the phone’s innovative features. Many changes are in sight and it is understandable. After the mess that was Galaxy Note 7, which the company had to totally recall and ended up stopping the production, their only choice now is to make people forget that ...

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