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iPhone 7 Plus Is Expected to Sport Two Rear Cameras

Even though a new iPhone is still several months away, people love to speculate over the possible updates and new specs. Will it still feature a headphone jack? Will it have a bendable display? Thanks to the reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a new rumor has made waves in the media recently: it looks like iPhone 7 Plus is expected to ...

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Accessing crashsafari.com Causes iPhones to Reboot

alt="Accessing crashsafari.com Causes iPhones to Reboot"

Mac and iPhone users are not exempt from the occasional pranksters, who now happen to be targeting Apple products in full force. Accessing crashsafari.com causes iPhones to reboot, and users reported having received links that direct them to this prank site. The problematic website contains a line of code that fills the address bar with a never-ending string of characters. ...

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Leaked Photo of Upcoming 4-inch iPhone, 9to5 Mac Reports

alt="Leaked Photo of Upcoming 4-inch iPhone"

If we’re to believe the rumor mill, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is getting ready to release another entry-level smartphone in the form of a new 4-inch iPhone, after the recent launch of the phablet iPhone 6s. And according to recent “revelations,” we have already been given a peek to what we are supposed to expect by way of a purported leaked photo. ...

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The New Huawei Mate 8 Is Truly a Premium Phablet

According to the famous Chinese company, the new Huawei Mate 8 is truly a premium phablet and this high-end device will represent the second new gadget, besides Google’s most recent Nexus pair of mobile phones, to be delivered with the latest version of Android, Marshmallow 6.0. The producer took the veils off its Mate 8 in China earlier this week, where the massive ...

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Xiaomi Red Note 3 – One Step Ahead for Mobile Payments

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is increasing the attention on its producer’s upcoming payment platform, since the famous Chinese company has built a fingerprint sensor into it. This feature will be incorporated into its next series of affordable devices, after it revealed the new phone this week. The sensors, which are placed on the rear of the gadget, represent the most ...

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Windows 10 Mobile Promises a Technological Revolution

The new Windows 10 Mobile OS could be classified as a second-level platform, but it does not have poor features compared to the major operating systems. With a new mobile system, Microsoft has increased with more than 100% the efficiency rate, designing an effective OS with periodic updates, especially for its recent desktop-like Continuum function. Microsoft offered to the tech ...

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Android Marshmallow 6.0 Arriving on Motorola Phones

Gradually, Android Marshmallow 6.0 is arriving on an increasing number of gadgets and the newest receivers of the OS are last year’s Moto X and 2015’s Moto X Pure (or Style, depending on where you live). These two popular smart phones are important, since all Motorola X devices are popular in many parts of the globe. The company’s representatives stated ...

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OnePlus X Packing the Same Specs in a Smaller Frame

The recently launched OnePlus X surpasses new limits for a younger company from China. By developing the OnePlus X, the manufacturer eschewed its regular system of integrating the best chip processor in an extremely affordable mobile device. Instead, OnePlus has rewired the internal components the original OnePlus One in a compact gadget with a reduced $250 cost. But in accomplishing ...

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New Android Malware Can Completely Ruin Your Smartphone

"ill Android mascot"

You’re probably familiar by now with the fact that Android apps can be dangerous, especially since the majority of them are available for free from third-party developers. A recent announcement warns that new Android malware can completely ruin your smartphone – that’s how powerful it is. Smartphone users appreciate Android because most of the apps and programs can be downloaded ...

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4 Easy Ways to Turn Your Dumb Watch into a Smartwatch

"Chronos' smartwatch disc"

Thanks to developers’ ingenuity, there are now 4 easy ways to turn your dumb watch into a smartwatch. These devices are just as effective as smartwatches being able to perform most of the functions that smart timepieces have accustomed us with, but they are much more affordable. Glance’s Smart Accessory for Classic Watches Glance’s device guarantees to turn any watch ...

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