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Huawei Launches P9 Luxury Smartphone in Indonesia

The Chinese tech giant Huawei has just unveiled the latest model of its luxury line of smartphones, the Huawei P9, at the Huawei Consumer Business Group 2016 Southern Pacific Conference in Bali, Indonesia. The gadget was first presented in London early last month. The smartphone maker now plans to roll out the device not only in Indonesia, but in other ...

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Authorities Force Calif. Woman to Unlock her iPhone with Fingerprint

'iPhone 5S'

A court just ordered Paytsar Bkhchadzhyan, a California woman whose boyfriend is reportedly involved in a series of shady businesses as a member of the Armenian Power gang, to use her fingerprint to unlock her seized iPhone. Authorities argued that the procedure was not counter to the Fifth Amendment because self-incrimination only refers to passwords not biometrics. According to the ...

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Google Adds Voice Access to Android for App Control

alt="Voice Access Android"

There’s no doubt Google Now is really smart, but it’s also rather limited when it comes to interacting with other apps and the content on your Android device. Sure, it can perform searches, set up alarms, take notes, open apps, and other basic tasks of the like. But once you’ve moved away from the search app, you’re on your own. ...

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Alphabet’s Project Fi Is No Longer Invite-only

Alphabet Inc.’s Project Fi, which used to be available only by invitation, has now been made public to all in the US. Thanks to the service, its customers no longer pay for their internet data in bulk, but only for the data they’ve used over the past month. More than that, Project Fi comes with a lot of perks, like ...

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Whitepages Offers Galaxy S7 Spam Detection and Caller ID

People have waited for the Samsung Galaxy S7 with bated breath and stockpiles of rumors, and when it finally arrived, it was everything they were expecting. If you’ve already dismissed Samsung’s new flagship handset because it resembles so much the S6, wait till you hear about this extra feature. The South Korean company has teamed up with a tech company to ...

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The Robin Makes Sure You Never Run Out of Space

New smartphones are definitely exciting, but there’s no doubt the market has become super-saturated at this point. They all seem to look shiny, have faster everything and sport an uninspiring generic-ness: rectangle devices with high resolution screens. When it comes to the smartphones that matter, they all have come to feature good cameras, be lightning fast and powered by a ...

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Next iPhone Might Be Missing the 3.5mm Headphone Jack

The next Apple flagship smartphone might be some more months away, but when has that ever stopped us from speculating about the innovations it might bring? According to Apple Insider, the next iPhone might be missing the 3.5mm headphone jack and just sport a second speaker instead. The media publisher bases its report on a copy of Barclay’s research memo ...

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LG Has Teased the Public with an Always On Feature

It was a little strange that Samsung was trying yesterday to get exclusive rights on the phrase “Always On Display” in Korea, since a lot of smartphones are already using a feature that could be described like that. But our eyes are now open, as we see part of the motive that pushed Samsung to do this. It turns out ...

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Xiaomi Smartphones Will Be on Sale in the U.S.

For the first time ever, Xiaomi smartphones will be on sale in the U.S. Even though the company is not as well-known on the American market, Xiaomi is China’s most valuable startup, growing to be one of the biggest smartphone companies worldwide in just six years. Recently valued at $45 billion, Xiaomi has focused of expanding in emerging markets like ...

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Smartphones Will be Able to See and Understand

If Google has a say in it, the next generations of smartphones will be able to see and understand as if they were human. It’s not long since smartphones started featuring co-processors with the sole purpose of processing sensor data at really low power consumption. However, soon we might have smartphones carrying a new dedicated, low-power chip, one that will ...

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