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Upcoming Apple iPhone 8, The Most Expensive One

Apple logo

According to some reports from analysts, Apple will set the starting price of the upcoming iPhone 8 at about $1,000. It is worth noting that the iPhone have always been more expensive than the rest of the smartphones on the market, but this upcoming model will exceed them all. The reason for this is that the iPhone 8 will be ...

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Nokia 9 Details and Rumors

Nokia Lumia smartphone

According to a report, there might be a new flagship smartphone coming from Nokia. We knew about the Nokia 6 Android smartphone and how it will be a mid-range one. However, this upcoming Nokia 9 (or 8, as it was previously rumored) looks and feels like a higher-class device, with some very good hardware. The smartphone is reportedly going to ...

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HTC Hopes to Turn Heads with New U11 Smartphone

HTC U11 metallic blue

On Tuesday morning, HTC announced their new flagship smartphone called U11. The unveiling took place in Taipei and introduced the U11 as an extension of the HTC U Ultra. This is their phablet, which the company released last year and which unfortunately, did not have much of an impact on the United States market. However, this time, the U11 will ...

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New iPhone 8 Details Will Disappoint Users

A prototype of iPhone 8

The leaks we got and the rumors we heard until now about the much-anticipated Apple iPhone 8 were very exciting. So exciting that Apple CEO Tim Cook claims that the sales for the device have slowed down in anticipation of the new one. However, there is some new information coming from JPMorgan Chase. And according to it, the new iPhone ...

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Aspects Apple Needs to Improve to Beat Samsung

Apple ipad and iphone

Everybody is aware that, as far as smartphone conversations go, there are only two main focal points: Apple and Samsung. Some have tried to change that and succeeded, more or less. Let’s think about Huawei or even Google with their Pixel smartphone. Some might say that the iPhone’s place started to feel threatened. Well, this thing might prove to be ...

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Blackberry KeyOne, A Good Phone for the Nostalgic Ones

BlackBerry KeyOne

The new BlackBerry KeyOne phone is available this month for $549 unlocked and it may be exactly what those more nostalgic of us needed. It brings back the need to push some tiny buttons in order to write and for some, it can feel like the old times. For others, it may feel like something old and unnecessary, among all ...

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Android Created Patches for Critical Flaws Among Other Issues

android nexus

Android has delivered on Monday its usual security bulletin for the month of May. The update contains patches specially created for Pixel and Nexus devices. The security fixes come to the elimination of over 100 vulnerabilities. Among these, there are 29 issues that were marked as critical flaws. These bugs interfered with drivers for hardware, media processing server, and other ...

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A New Look at the iPhone 8 Design

A supposed iPhone 8 device

Just last week, a series of leaks concerning the specifications of the upcoming iPhone 8, along with a supposed design shocked everyone. The design was the biggest problem for many because it looked problematic and overall uninspired. There have been rumors that Apple is having trouble with its fingerprint sensor placed inside the display of the phone. Apart from this, ...

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How to Make the Best Out of Your Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone

Last weekend, the new flagship smartphone from Samsung, the new and highly-expected Galaxy S8, finally hit stores. According to many experts, it is probably the best smartphone launched in 2017 and even exceeded some expectations, especially after the company’s huge recall of the Note 7 devices and the scandal surrounding it. However, there are a few things people must know ...

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Could the iPhone 7S be Better than the Next One?

iPhone 7 Plus model

Apple’s next iPhone event is months away. However, the way it happens before any major release, rumors have begun circulating regarding the next iPhone. Will it be better than the Samsung Galaxy S8? Will it change the smartphones forever? We do not even have an official name for it, many calling it either iPhone 8 or iPhone X. Still, could ...

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