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Meet Zenbo: Asus Presents Cute Companion Robot

Many creative products have already been unveiled at this week’s Computex trade show in Taipei, but Asus’s creation might have stolen the show with its cute talking robot for the home. Marketed at US$599, Zenbo was pitched as a personal assistant that can assist in looking after elderly relatives or reading stories to the kids. But that’s not by far ...

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Backpack PCs Could Become a Trend in Experiencing Virtual Reality

One of the stranger effects of the expanding business of virtual reality is that chiropractors will become rich. If this trend of carrying your PC on your back catches on, the health professionals that deal with the manual adjustment of the spine will have their work cut out for them. As VR rises to popularity, tech companies are looking for ...

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Jaybird Freedom Earbuds Now For Sale

If you’ve ever looked up running headphones, there’s no doubt you heard a lot of glowing reviews for the Jaybird’s X2 earbuds – and for good reason. You couldn’t ask more from the company’s Bluetooth earbuds: comfortable feeling, great sound, and then don’t fall off when you sweat thanks to the tiny removable fins that fit into the folds of ...

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Wearable Device Wants to Monitor Tampon Saturation

We live in an increasingly connected world, but even though we’re used to technology creeping into the every aspect of our lives, Amanda Field might have taken it a little too far. CEO of a new startup named my.Flow, Field thought she could figure out a new way to help women know when they need to change their tampons. She ...

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Google Rumored to Launch Rival for Amazon Echo

As Google I/O kicks off on Wednesday, rumor has it that the search giant will be debuting a new rival to Amazon Echo. Whether it’s called Google Home or Google Chirp or, the device represents a new dive into artificial intelligence. According to the New York Times, Google’s voice-activated gadget will be called Google Home, confirming what Recode had already ...

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Amazon Quietly Sells more than 100 New Versions of the Dash Button

'Amazon’s Dash button to order Tide Pods and Powder"

Amazon recently rolled out more than 100 versions of the Dash button that can do much more than order detergent or toilet paper. Sadly, before it even became news, the items had already sold out. The company listed the buttons in great secrecy earlier this week. The AWS IoT Buttons are newer versions of the Dash button, which allows customers ...

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Amazon’s Alexa Can Add Events to Your Google Calendar

More and more people are becoming increasingly interested in living in a smart house, and Amazon is encouraging them to embrace the new Internet of Things (IoT) network. For example, Amazon’s Echo and its digital assistant are among the finest hardware successes since the Kindle was invented, so the company thought of stepping into Google territory for its last feature. ...

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Amazon Tap is Like an Echo That’s Not Listening to You

alt="Amazon Alexa-related devices"

If you bought an Amazon Echo – or even if you heard about it from Alec Baldwin’s commercials – you probably know that this device answers when you address it by name. Alexa, what’s the weather like? Alexa, play some workout music. Alexa, order more paper towels. That’s all it takes to get the gadget’s attention. But that’s not the ...

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How Nest’s Revolv Shutdown Affects the Internet of Things

alt="Nest's Revolv Hub"

Customers are left irate as Nest Labs has announced it will disable and remove support for the Revolv smarthome hub and app starting May 15. After the $300 Internet of Things (IoT) gadget stops working, all the connected things in your home will not be usable at all. The Revolv hub was used a convenient controller for one’s IoT devices ...

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Amazon’s Alexa Can Adjust Room Temperature with Nest Thermostat

Do you have a Nest thermostat installed in your home or at the office? Amazon’s Alexa can now help you control the temperature in the room simply with voice commands. All you need to do is link the smart heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) control to your Amazon account via the accompanying Alexa mobile app. After you integrate the voice ...

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