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Pebble app store now lists the Flappy Bird clone game, Tiny Bird

If you miss the new addictive game, Flappy Bird, which was pulled from the iOS App Store and Android Play Store by the Vietnamese game-maker, you can play the similar clone of the game on your Pebble smartwatch. Named as Tiny Bird, the Flappy Bird clone game has the same level of difficulty found in the original game, except the black ...

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Mini-games for Google Glass unveiled, to be released in late-2014

The first set of mini-games for Google Glass has been unveiled by Google Glass developers and is likely to be released by the end of this year. In a move to motivate developers and to bring in more games for the wearable device, the company released five mini-games which include Fruit Ninja Clone, Balance, Clay Shooter, Tennis and Matcher. The ...

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Four styles of $225 prescription glass for Google Glass launched

Last May, we have seen a prototype prescription glasses within the Google Glass and the company has now announced the $225 upgrade option for current Glass Explorers with the prescription glasses. Introducing the Titanium Collection, 4 new frames for #googleglass… and 2 new shades as well http://t.co/6izKSdACKL pic.twitter.com/UXp5n8H3NW — Google Glass (@googleglass) January 28, 2014 Google uses feather-lite titanium material ...

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Samsung is working on to launch Galaxy Glass in late September 2014

After its entry into the wearable computing market by the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Samsung to launch its Galaxy Glass, directly competing with the Google Glass, an augmented reality spectacle, later in 2014. According to The Korea Times, the South Korean tech giant would be launching the Galaxy Glass at the IFA press conference in late September this year, citing the ...

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Sugar-powered efficient and cheap smartphone batteries coming soon

In next three years, you could start watching the growth of sugar-powered batteries on smartphones and tablets, as the researchers from Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences developed a battery using partially digested starch found in potatoes and other foods, that boasts sugar within. Y.H. Percival Zhang, an associate professor of biological systems engineering in the College of ...

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