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Apple quietly acquires LuxVue Technology, a micro-LED display tech firm

Apple has quietly acquired LuxVue Technology, a low-profile micro-LED display tech company and later Apple’s spokesperson has confirmed the news on Friday, May 2, saying that “Apple buys small technology companies and generally do not disclose the purpose or plans.” This has become its common comment after the acquisitions, since recent times. LuxVue Technology, a Santa Clara, California-based firm was founded in 2009, since ...

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Apple is developing Earpods to monitor heart rate and blood pressure

UPDATE: The person who “Secret.ly” leaked the information, has now revealed that it was a lie, just a joke. Shocking, isn’t it? read this post for more. The rumors that Apple will be venturing into various health related sectors seems to take on their image. We have been hearing the rumors about Apple coming up with devices like iWatch and applications ...

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Apple iWatch Rumors charging up ahead of expected launch in Q3 2014


Apple iWatch was long been a subject of rumors since very long, but still no one pointed out the truth regarding the company’s upcoming wearable smartwatch. But Apple kept this matter secret till date, without revealing any clues related to iWatch. Somewhere here and there, we find some information related to the long rumored gadget, this time we have a good ...

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With new tweaks, Google self-driving cars heading to master city streets

Today, Google released a video, where it revealed the new updates to its self-driving cars that includes some new tweaks like spotting a cyclist’s arm-waving, pedestrian from behind, railroad crossings and on-road constructions. Now, with the latest software update, Google’s self-driving cars tries to remove the fear from pedestrians and cyclists, who were always nervous whenever they find a driver-less car. Google has ...

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Nike CEO confirms the end of FuelBand, will Nike work with Apple iWatch?

Bringing an end to the rumors of the end of Nike FuelBand wearable devices, Nike’s CEO Mark Parker confirmed that the company would be focusing more on “smart” software rather than creating wearable hardware. On Friday, in an exclusive interview with CNBC, Nike’s chief executive Mark Parker revealed that Nike is moving away from wearable device development like wearable wrist-worn smartbands after it was reported ...

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YouTube channel now available on Roku TV set-top box

Finally, much awaited YouTube channel has arrived to the list of Roku’s catalog of about 1,500 channels, which now has most online video content to stream on a set-top box. YouTube, one of the world’s largest video providers, was available only on Roku 3 since last December, eight months after the official launch of the Roku 3 set-top box! Now with the addition ...

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BB.Suit Wi-Fi jacket will be your walking hotspot anywhere

Those people, who live a majority of their lives on the Internet must have felt that something was not happening with their internet service on the go. Now one may ask the question that what is wrong with Wi-Fi routers. Precisely, Wi-Fi routers are presently the only source that allows us to live our online lives when we are out ...

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Nike will not kill FuelBand segment, but it will trim the team behind wearables

Update on April 27: Bringing an end to the rumors of the end of Nike FuelBand wearable devices, Nike’s CEO Mark Parker confirmed that the company would be focusing more on “smart” software rather than creating wearable hardware. Last Friday, CNET reported that Nike is planning to stop producing the hardware for its Nike+ FuelBand SE wristband by laying off many staffs from the department. Now, Nike has denied ...

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