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Ecobee thermostat better at controlling climate

The temperature in your room will be exactly  as you need it. With the new Thermostat from Ecobee, the company has tried to bring in a more precise measurement of temperature. The new thermostat from Ecobee is just a bit different from the others in the market when it comes to measuring the temperature, according to the cofounder of Ecobee ...

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Apple iWatch: 5 things we know so far

Internet has been loaded with tons of upcoming iWatch rumors and still its been continuous filling too. However, iWatch will be announced by Apple at IFA, Berlin on September 9 along with iPhone 6. Latest leaks and other information in the internet confirm us a few things that can be expected from the upcoming iWatch. 1: iWatch tells the time: It is ...

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Apps for the wearable gadgets is the future: Salesforce Inc.

Salesforce.com Inc. thinks that the development of applications for the wearable devices have quite a bright future ahead. According to the reports, the organization has a distinct thought that with time, the wearables will turn out as one of the major attractions in the field of gadgets. As of now, the wearable smart gadgets in the market have already drawn ...

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Intel-Fossil collaboration to design and develop luxury fashion wearables

The biggest name in the technology Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) and one of the finest players of the consumer lifestyle and the fashion industry Fossil Group has announced a partnership to design, develop and push the wearables to the fashion lovers. In other words, Intel wants to create luxury wearable computing devices such as smartwatches, bracelets, headphones etc. (with designs ...

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Motorola, LG, Samsung and Asus’ Smartwatches are ready to fight

Motorola Moto 360 is the one of the most expected gadget, next to the upcoming iPhone 6. More technically, Moto 360 will be powered by Google’s new Android Wear operating system. Motorola Moto 360 is grabbing attention of all tech geeks, and at the same time, other smartwatches are also coming. Here I have mentioned the best upcoming wearables, worth waiting ...

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Garmin’s fitness tracker ‘Vivosmart’ launched and priced at $169

The 2014 IFA tech conference saw the official launch of Garmin’s fitness wristband tracker. The Vivosmart is to a certain degree similar to a smartwatch providing some of its features. The main activity of the wristband involves around tracking down the fitness issues. The wristband comes with a very sleek which also adds an amount of style statement to it. ...

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Vibrating Smart Ring Brings Notifications Center to Your Finger

Mota SmartRing

Not only the tech market is filled with smartphones and smartwatches, but also it also started to fill with other ‘smart’ gadgets like smart shirts, smart coats, smart wigs and smart rings. Smart rings are starting to heat up in the global market, and they are quite attractive in designs. Technology has reduced the size of the tech gadgets, which ...

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Apple undecided on iWatch pricing; can be priced at around $400

Apple has not yet finalized the pricing of iWatch that will be launched alongside the iPhone 6 though executives of the company predict a $400 price tag. Apple has not revealed whether the price of iWatch will be finalized during the event where the device will be launched alongside iPhone 6. The smartwatch will be available by next year and ...

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Samsung launches standalone Gear S smartwatch powered by Tizen

Samsung has launched its latest Gear S smartwatch based on its homegrown Tizen OS, which can function as a standalone smartwatch along with 3G connectivity. The curved Gear S features a 2-inch AMOLED display with 360×480 resolution. The smartwatch is powered by dual core 1 GHz processor along with 512 MB RAM and 4GB of internal storage. The device includes ...

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