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Amazon’s Alexa to Recognize Users’ Voices

Amazon Alexa on Echo device

In an era when virtual assistants are becoming more and more intelligent, it seems like Amazon’s Alexa AI will not be left behind. According to reports, it can now receive training to recognize the owner’s voice or certain other voices. This new feature is reportedly available now for any deice that has Alex on it. The fact that the virtual ...

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Google to Remove Home Mini Recording Feature

Google Home Mini in grey

It seems like after many reports and complaints that a certain Home Mini feature was recording thousands of times a day without the owner wanting it, Google had taken a final decision. The company is going to remove that feature completely, even if it was reportedly just a small number of Home Mini units that were doing this. On October ...

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It’s Google’s Pixel Buds Versus Apple’s AirPods

Google Pixel Buds in grey

Yesterday, Google officially announced the second installment of its popular Pixel smartphones, the Pixel 2 and 2 XL. However, apart from this highly-anticipated announcement, the company also revealed something else, as part of its growing hardware business. The most important of those products were the Pixel Buds, a pair of wireless around the neck earbuds which, in a way, come ...

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Amazon Introduces New Alexa Powered Devices

Amazon Echo powered by Alexa

Three years ago, Amazon released the first Echo smart speaker. Since then, the Echo has been one of the best-selling devices that the company has ever made, unlike the huge failure that was the attempt to make a smartphone. Fortunately, people forgot that very quickly and Echo became a huge success. Now, the company has introduced a collection of new ...

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You Can Only Wash Google and Levi’s Smart Jacket 10 Times

Google and Levi's smart jacket

You may have probably heard about the “smart jacket” that Google has recently created in collaboration with Levi Strauss. It may sound like something extremely sophisticated and out of a sci-fi movie. In reality, this jacket is not better than the glasses and the smart watch that resulted from this collaboration some time ago. And this is not a very ...

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Some Reasons for You to Buy Apple’s TV 4K

Apple TV 4K and an iPhone

Apple’s new TV 4K is now available in two separate versions. One costs $179, while the other $199. It may be a lot, but this is a far more superior device than the previous one which came from Apple two years ago. That one quickly fell behind the advanced TV technology, and people forgot about it. Now, it seems like ...

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Polaroid Instant Camera Looks Fabulous

Classic Polaroid instant film camera

Ten years ago, Polaroid gave on manufacturing instant film cameras. Nine years ago, it also stopped making the film for those types of cameras. Now, after so many years, it seems like the beloved Polaroid camera is making a comeback. Yesterday, a company called the Impossible Project officially announced that they will release a brand new such camera called OneStep ...

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Huge Apple Leak Reveals Secrets on New iPhone

Apple logo on laptop

This weekend, a number of journalists succeeded in taking a look at Apple’s new iOS 11 operating system. The interesting part is that it supposedly contained a lot of new details about the upcoming devices. Also, even about a new Apple TV and Watch. If those rumors turn out to be true, this could be the biggest leak in the ...

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Logitech Introduces Smart, Craft Keyboard

Black keyboard

When Logitech launched their MX Master mouse, people in the industry immediately deemed it as being the best solution, especially when it comes to professional users. Also, it’s extremely useful for those who love to create and have a more artistic side. And this mouse has remained the best option since then. Now, it seems like the company is continuing ...

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Microsoft Reveals Cortana-Voiced Thermostat

Cortana voice assistant

Microsoft recently unveiled a new product for the thermostat market, meant as a step forward. The smart device is different than all the others because Cortana, the company’s virtual assistant, is voicing it. Thermostats connected to the internet are the new trend nowadays, and thanks to companies like Nest, they have become a mainstream product which more and more people ...

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