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Google and Levi’s Project Jacquard Jacket Looks Promising

Google and Levi’s Jacquard Jacket

We were promised wearable technology quite a long time ago. Unfortunately, no company managed to deliver at least a decent such piece. And what devices we got were not at all the way everybody imagined them to be. They often had an uninspired design, technical difficulties or were too expensive for what they offered. This caused everybody’s excitement about wearable ...

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LG has a New Levitating Speaker which will blow Everyone Away

LG PJ9 levitating speaker seen in a room

At CES 2017, LG is going to reveal their new portable speaker. The most interesting part? It apparently levitates! Just imagine a little speaker floating around the entire room, playing music and looking like it just came from the Star Wars universe. Who would not want that? It seems like LG chose to show us a glimpse of their new flying ...

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An Amazon Echo might help solve a Murder case

Amazon Echo device

We all know that smart devices like the Amazon Echo or Google Home are constantly listening to what we say. Also, to everything going on around them. If we do not know it for sure, we are all at least suspecting they do. Now, it seems like this feature might become useful even for the police. The authorities in Bentonville, Arkansas ...

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Tom Cook expecting Amazing Holiday Season Sales for Apple Watch

Tim Cook talking on stage about Apple Watch with the colorful logo behind

A recent IDC report claims that the sales for the third quarter of 2016 for the Apple Watch are not that great. In fact, they are pretty bad. In response, Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Monday that their device could actually set a record in sales this holiday season. The first week of holiday shopping reportedly proves this. However, ...

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Apple working on Augmented Reality Wearable Glasses

Apple logo on a building

According to a report, Apple might be working on a device which is supposed to be a mix between a wearable pair of glasses and an augmented reality display. The exact date when they will finish or launch this new device is unknown for now. The company is still testing the waters of the smart glasses market. Apple is gathering a ...

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Emporio Armani launches their Connected Hybrid Smartwatch

Emporio Armani smartwatch collection, three models pictures in brown, black and silver, with leather armbands

What do people know Emporio Armani for? Their clothing lines. What are people going to know Emporio Armani for from now on? Their smartwatches. Ok, maybe not really, but the important thing is that they are making their entrance into the wearable industry. Their new line of smartwatches is called “Emporio Armani Connected”. And how even rich people want connected ...

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Google’s new Jamboard is the Future of Whiteboards

Google Jamboard in an office presentation, people looking and analyzing it

Recently, it seems like Google is all business. They launched two smartphones, a virtual reality headset and a smart home hub. Now, they turned into the gift that keeps on giving. They just launched Jamboard. A new hardware product which is supposed to take the place of the old, boring whiteboard. Google and The Jamboard After a few good years ...

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Pebble 2: A must have Fitness Tracking Smartwatch


We know that smartwatch nowadays cost a lot. And they also do a lot. But the question is, do we really need them to do so much? I mean, there are smartwatches out there who remind you to breath (I am being serious!). Their price? Over $300. If you have the money, go for it! But many of the normal ...

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Snapchat releases its Camera-Glasses called Spectacles


It seems like Smart Glasses are slowly but surely becoming a thing. Even if they have some interesting features, most Smart Glasses look horrible and people would not want to wear them all the time. But Snapchat’s Spectacles might just be the next step. Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel announced that they will be released this fall. Also Snap, Inc. which ...

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Review: Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch

If you ever seen or even heard about one, you might know what it is: a fitness tracker. Even if Apple avoided to call it such, opting for the more versatile name of “smartwatch”. It is a smartwatch indeed, and now it has focus included. An Apple Watch. The original Apple Watch When the first Apple Watch came out in ...

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