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The New Water-Resistant Mechanical Gaming Keyboard From Razer

Razer BlackWidow keyboard

Razer has now fulfilled every gamer’s dream with the new mechanical gaming keyboard that is water- and dust-resistant. Hence, if you are a clumsy person and you have already changed more keyboards than you have wished to due to spilled drinks, this is what you need.  The BlackWidow Ultimate gaming keyboard has an IP54 rating. One of the cool things ...

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The Apple Watch AI Can Detect Hypertension

The Apple Watch in someone's hand

The Health startup Cardiogram collaborates with the University of California San Francisco to develop a new study related the Apple Watch AI system which can detect hypertension and sleep apnea. Specialists shared the new study on November 14 during the meeting at the American Heart Association, in Anaheim. It unveils that the Apple Watch has a very smart feature that ...

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Numerous Apple Watch Series 3 Gadgets Crashed

An Apple Watch Series 3

On November 4th, several Apple Watch Series 3 gadget owners complained about their smartwatches that crashed. Apparently, the common factor that triggered the crash was that they asked the smartwatches to offer them data about the weather. Hence, the wristwear stopped functioning and the springboard interface restarted. Owners argue that they have just asked Siri how the weather was going ...

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Audible Support on Kindle: For When Your Eyes Need a Break

Kindle Oasis opened

Amazon announced that it is ready to implement audible support to their cheapest Kindle. Therefore, if you are one of those persons who enjoy hearing someone reading you a book, then Kindle will do it for you. Hence, Amazon will roll out the Audible support for the $80 Kindle in following months. Kindle Oasis will have this incredible feature that ...

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Google Pixelbook: Are You Ready for the Future?

Two Google Pixelbooks

The Google Pixelbook is meant to make students’ lives easier, combining their needs and desires to project a better future. Google is no longer selling the original Chromebook Pixel due to the fact that the company wants to bring the new Chrome OS laptop in the spotlight. Some reviews even state that the new Pixelbook may be ahead of its ...

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The New Samsung Round Features 17 Lenses

The Samsung Round camera

The new Samsung Round camera is extraordinary, being the latest technology that features virtual reality camera shaped like a Gear 360. However, this is not meant for pros, but for everyday users who usually record a 360-degree video. Even if you are not a pro, you could use the new Samsung Round camera that will soon appear on the market. ...

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The Sonos One Gadget Is Impressive

The Sonos One speaker

The Sonos One gadget is a spectacular product that offers amazing sound quality. Furthermore, if you decide to own more than one, Sonos develops a multi-room wireless audio system, and the sound will resonate in your entire house. Sonos creates top products that have always attracted a lot of customers. However, during the last few years, the company registered a ...

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Amazon’s Alexa to Recognize Users’ Voices

Amazon Alexa on Echo device

In an era when virtual assistants are becoming more and more intelligent, it seems like Amazon’s Alexa AI will not be left behind. According to reports, it can now receive training to recognize the owner’s voice or certain other voices. This new feature is reportedly available now for any deice that has Alex on it. The fact that the virtual ...

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Google to Remove Home Mini Recording Feature

Google Home Mini in grey

It seems like after many reports and complaints that a certain Home Mini feature was recording thousands of times a day without the owner wanting it, Google had taken a final decision. The company is going to remove that feature completely, even if it was reportedly just a small number of Home Mini units that were doing this. On October ...

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It’s Google’s Pixel Buds Versus Apple’s AirPods

Google Pixel Buds in grey

Yesterday, Google officially announced the second installment of its popular Pixel smartphones, the Pixel 2 and 2 XL. However, apart from this highly-anticipated announcement, the company also revealed something else, as part of its growing hardware business. The most important of those products were the Pixel Buds, a pair of wireless around the neck earbuds which, in a way, come ...

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