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Tag Heuer Reveals the Smaller Connected Modular Watch

The Tag Heuer Connect Modular 41

Tag Heuer has developed a smaller Connect Modular smartwatch to suit all tastes. Last March, the watchmaker has launched the second generation of Android Wear devices. Now, rumor has it that the Swiss watchmaker develops a new version adapted for smaller wrists. On January 14th, the popular watch developer unveiled the Connected Modular 41. The new smartwatch is slightly cheaper, ...

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LG Introduces Its Rollable OLED TV at CES

The LG Display foldable TV

If you think you have seen it all, you should wait to see this. LG has presented at CES 2018 its new rollable OLED TV. This 4K OLED TV can be rolled up just like you do with your newspaper. The new TV is the first rollable one in the world. When you use the remote, the TV extends and ...

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Intel Wants to Make Possible People Immersion Inside a TV

Brian Krazanich wearing a suit

At CES 2018, Intel revealed a revolutionary technology, meant to change the entertainment industry. Intel uses the latest technology to make possible people immersion inside a TV. This is the true ultimate experience, where the user will be directly in the action of the show. Specialists would use tech like virtual reality, high-resolution displays, and 3D. Brian Krazanich is the ...

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The Open Ear Headphones From Sony at CES 2018

The Xperia Ear in black

Sony has developed some open ear headphones which feature an incredible technology. Numerous other brands, Sony included, have developed headphones that allow you to listen to music without blocking the sounds around you. The technology implemented the use of microphones which recorded the sounds from the outside world, pumping them over your music. However, Sony tries to change the game. ...

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The Sgnl Wristband: The Future of Phone Calls

The Sgnl wristband

The Sgnl wristband can revolutionize the way you will hear your phone calls. Now, by only using your fingertips, you can hear your calls via this incredible wristband. It was unveiled at CES 2018. Even if this gadget may seem like a crazy idea, it is not crazy if it works. This wearable can help you have private phone conversations ...

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The Revolutionary Development of a Futuristic Metalens

A small lens capturing light

Researchers from Harvard have created a futuristic metalens which is flat and can successfully focus light. They say that this incredible lens is not like the rest of the lenses we know. It is not curved and bulky like the regular lenses. Researchers managed to focus light on a nanoparticle scale by using this incredible lens. If you were expecting ...

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Samsung Reveals the New Curved QLED Monitor

A Samsung TV

Samsung has developed the new curved QLED monitor to change people’s movie experiences. The company will present the new monitor at CES 2018. This is the first QLED display to feature Thunderbolt 3. The exquisite device is called the CJ791. It has a 3440×1440 resolution and a response time of 4 milliseconds. Furthermore, the aspect ratio is of 21:9. Samsung ...

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Future Apple Watches Might Feature An EKG Heart Monitor

A person wearing an Apple smartwatch

Apple is currently working on developing an EKG heart monitor which it might implement on future Apple smartwatches. This heart-monitoring feature is likely to be part of the future versions of the company’s smartwatches. The purpose of Apple Inc. is to transform what was once a luxury fashion accessory into a medical device. The new version of smartwatch would require ...

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Magic Leap One: A Headset Out of This World

The Magic Leap One

Magic Leap One is a new headset from Magic Leap, a company which gained its popularity in Silicon Valley. The company promised to give a new boost to augmented reality gadgets, changing the way we experience the world. The new headset relies on a technology known as “Digital Lightfield”. Rony Abovitz is the founder of Magic Leap, and he shared ...

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Amazon’s New Smart Device: The Echo Spot

Amazon's Echo Spot in black and white

Amazon’s new Eco Spot speaker is more than just a smart gadget. This is the perfect alarm clock for your bedroom with a camera on it. Alarm clock lost their popularity a long time ago while more and more people started using their phones as an alarm clock. Nevertheless, numerous studies have revealed that looking at your phone before you ...

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