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Polaroid Instant Camera Looks Fabulous

Classic Polaroid instant film camera

Ten years ago, Polaroid gave on manufacturing instant film cameras. Nine years ago, it also stopped making the film for those types of cameras. Now, after so many years, it seems like the beloved Polaroid camera is making a comeback. Yesterday, a company called the Impossible Project officially announced that they will release a brand new such camera called OneStep ...

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Huge Apple Leak Reveals Secrets on New iPhone

Apple logo on laptop

This weekend, a number of journalists succeeded in taking a look at Apple’s new iOS 11 operating system. The interesting part is that it supposedly contained a lot of new details about the upcoming devices. Also, even about a new Apple TV and Watch. If those rumors turn out to be true, this could be the biggest leak in the ...

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Logitech Introduces Smart, Craft Keyboard

Black keyboard

When Logitech launched their MX Master mouse, people in the industry immediately deemed it as being the best solution, especially when it comes to professional users. Also, it’s extremely useful for those who love to create and have a more artistic side. And this mouse has remained the best option since then. Now, it seems like the company is continuing ...

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Microsoft Reveals Cortana-Voiced Thermostat

Cortana voice assistant

Microsoft recently unveiled a new product for the thermostat market, meant as a step forward. The smart device is different than all the others because Cortana, the company’s virtual assistant, is voicing it. Thermostats connected to the internet are the new trend nowadays, and thanks to companies like Nest, they have become a mainstream product which more and more people ...

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Smart Home Device Calls Police after Misinterpreting Question

Smart home device presentation

Every family or couple has its arguments, heated or not so much. However, when your smart home device calls the police following one of those quarrels, you know you spent your money well. However, a family from Tijeras, New Mexico, didn’t exactly intend for this to happen while they were fighting in their home. Eduardo Barros was reportedly at home ...

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Everyone Can Use DJI’s $500 Spark Drone

Spark drone

DJI has a new camera drone called Spark which will surely help those people looking to step up their Instagram game. It’s very small and easy, weighing just 10.6 ounces, almost as heavy as a can of soda. However, Spark is not just a toy. This small drone can fly from the palm of your hand and you can control ...

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DeX Station, Not as Groundbreaking as Samsung Thought

Samsung DeX Station

The idea Samsung had was apparently a very good and useful one. The company thought about a way in which people could use their smartphone to do their daily work which would normally require a desktop. So, they came up with the Samsung DeX Station. A small piece of plastic which acts like a dock for the Galaxy S8 or ...

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Amazon to Reveal Touch Screen Echo

Amazon Echo device

According to a report, online retail giant Amazon wants to stay one step ahead of competition and is planning to reveal a touch screen version of the popular Echo device. The Monday report stated that the company will unveil a 7-inch touch screen Echo version. It will reportedly also have support for internet-based telephone and video calls. As expected, Amazon’s ...

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Measuring Your Walking Speed with Wireless Signals

walking speed

How fast you walk might predict health problems like pulmonary diseases and cognitive decline. Walking too slowly might show your risk for lung, nervous system, and heart problems. Researchers involved with a recent MIT study discovered that people who walk slower than 0.6 m/s might have increased risk for poor health. Although knowing the walking speed helps foresee these problems, ...

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Fitbit Is Entering the Smartwatch Market

fitbit blaze

Fitbit was among the first companies that designed one iconic gadget of the modern world, namely the activity tracker. Its smart bracelet is able to measure various indicators of a lifestyle like number of steps, quality of sleep, heart rate, and other such metrics. However, none of the models were close to a proper smartwatch. Nonetheless, things are about to ...

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