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Pre-Order PlayStation VR Starting On March 22nd

"playstation vr"

The virtual reality market is getting hotter by the day, it seems, with news and upcoming releases just waiting around the corner.  And the competition is fierce. Oculus Rift is ready to launch later this month, HTC Vive in April, and Sony just announced their VR headset’s pricing and release date. It will be a treat for console gamers. It ...

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Microsoft Celebrating Black Friday with 10 Days of 10-Cent Deals

"Microsoft 10-cent deals"

Among the many news that got our attention this week was also the one about Microsoft celebrating black Friday with 10 days of 10-cent deals. As you’ve probably already imagined, the Holiday deals that the company has prepared are mainly related to their arrays of game consoles: Xbox One and Xbox 360. The holiday season is the most anticipated time ...

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4 Easy Ways to Turn Your Dumb Watch into a Smartwatch

"Chronos' smartwatch disc"

Thanks to developers’ ingenuity, there are now 4 easy ways to turn your dumb watch into a smartwatch. These devices are just as effective as smartwatches being able to perform most of the functions that smart timepieces have accustomed us with, but they are much more affordable. Glance’s Smart Accessory for Classic Watches Glance’s device guarantees to turn any watch ...

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Verizon’s Moto DROID Turbo 2 and DROID MAXX 2 available now

Today, the United States largest wireless communication provider (Verizon) unlocked DROID Turbo 2 and DROID MAXX 2. Motorola released two new Android smartphones and started pre-order session. We had gone through lots of speculation on both the devices. Interestingly, the company renamed Droid Turbo 2 as a Moto X Force in the international market. While talking about the Droid Turbo 2 ...

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iPhone 6S gets £100 off in Carphone Warehouse-use voucher code YOUGET99

Are you looking for iPhone 6S? Today is the right time to purchase Apple latest Smartphone. British mobile retailer bringing a great deal that slashes £100 on iPhone 6S. Consumers can now deduct the upfront cost while making a purchase in the official store. Talking about the features, Apple iPhone 6S sporting A9 Processor with 64-bit architecture. unlike former devices, the company added 3D ...

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LG Nexus 5X ($379) and Nexus 6P up for sale in the US

Last month, Google partnership with Huawei and LG brand to release two new nexus devices. Earlier, We had lots of confusion on the monikers. The Company named the devices with Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X. Similar to the name, both the devices vary in features and utilities.  Surprisingly, Google started the Nexus pre-order session in the US country. Consumers who pre-order new ...

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Deal Alert: Acer laptops, tablets and PCs on heavy discounts

Acer has cut down the prices for a few PC‘s by quite some amount, but the catch is that the discount will be on only for one week. According to the data listed on Acer’s official website, three PC’s are supporting the discount offered by Acer. The PC’s on offer at a discounted price includes Acer Aspire Switch 11V, the ...

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More Customers Shopping Due To Sales Tax Free Weekend

Consumers are taking the advantage of the state sales tax holiday Saturday to purchase school supplies, laptops, and flat-screen televisions. Massachusetts shoppers looking for deals are expected to crowd local stores for another sales tax free weekend. In what is becoming an annual event, the state will suspend the 6.25 percent tax on Saturday and Sunday. The state has had a sales tax holiday ...

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Amazon offering paid apps worth $90 for free till 15th August

Amazon.com Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) is offering a limited time deal, where in you can get an Application bundle of paid applications absolutely free of cost. The Application bundle holds over $90 in various paid applications and games. The offer starts today and will continue till 15th August. The users can download the application bundle free of cost from Amazon Store. The ...

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Tax free holiday this weekend in 12 US states

This weekend, consumers in 12 states will get a break from sales tax on many items. There will be no sales tax on certain items, mainly clothes and school supplies, giving families a 5 to 10% savings depending on the state. The sales tax holidays began mostly in southeastern US States of Alabama, Florida, Missouri, Louisiana, Iowa, Oklahoma, Tennessee, South ...

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