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Ford Testing 3D-Printing for Big Car Parts

Ford logo

According to what Ford said on Monday, the company is currently testing a 3D-printing technology for large car parts. This new technology could help drivers immensely in their efforts to customize their cars at a lower price. Ford is also stating that what they are working on could have amazing benefits for drivers: from low prices to higher efficiency. It could ...

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Bolivia Files Formal Complaint to France Because of Videogame

Image of Bolivia in-game

According to a report, the government of Bolivia has filed a formal complaint with the French embassy in La Paz. Their problem has to do with the way the developers depicted the country in the upcoming video game called “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands”, from Ubisoft. The story of the third-person shooter takes place in a future version of Bolivia ...

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Google Assistant Now Available for More Android Users

Google Assistant on smartphone

Since Friday, the Google Assistant is available to more Android users who have smartphones running on Android 7.0 Nougat and Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Google made the official announcement that they would do this last week, but today, the company released a video ad which officially brings the good news. That the Google Assistant is from now on available to more ...

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Facebook to Use Machine Learning for Suicide Prevention

Hooded figure looking at a screen with facebook logo

Facebook recently made the announcement that that from now it will use a new technology based on artificial intelligence. This new technology is going to have as main focus the identification of users who have a high rick of committing suicide. It will then offer them the support they need in order to overcome the difficult times in their lives. ...

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Snapchat Working on A Drone

Snapchat app on iPhone left on bed

A recent report from New York Times states that Snap, the company behind the popular Snapchat app and the Snap Spectacles are planning to build a drone of their own. According to this same report, three different sources have reportedly received a briefing regarding the hardware. Why a drone? Well, this drone will supposedly take photographs and record videos which ...

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Uber CEO Caught on Tape in Heated Argument with Driver

Travis Kalanick sitting on a sofa

On Tuesday, Bloomberg made public a video footage which shows Uber CEO Travis Kalanick involved in a heated argument with one of his drivers. The man, Fawzi Kamel, reportedly complained to Kalanick about the falling fares. The video footage seems to confirm what many other people have said about him and his behavior. They characterized him as being a rather ...

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Uber Executive Out Over Sexual-Harassment Allegations

Uber self driving car in grey

A respected Silicon Valley engineer and former Google employee stepped down from his post at Uber. Recode’s Kara Swisher informed the company through a report that there were some sexual-harassment allegations concerning him at his former job at Google. The issue is that when Uber hired him, he did not mention them. Amit Singhal was senior vice president of engineering ...

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Google Accuses Uber of Stealing Technology

Uber sign in Birmingham

Anthony Levandowski was once the main man of Google’s self-driving car project. Fast forward almost four years. Now, he has become Google’s number one enemy, also in what concerns the self-driving technology. In October last year, Levandowski presented a demo of Uber’s self-driving car project. He had spent almost nine years at Google, working for them and trying to perfect ...

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Twitch Streamer Dies During Charity Live Event

A huge Twitch sign hanged by the ceilling

A Twitch streamer and a pretty famous “World of Tanks” player Brian Vigneault (whose nickname was PoShYbRiD) was found dead on Sunday evening. According to reports, he passed away while live streaming a 24-hour charity event on Twitch. He was both the host and the producer of this event and he was doing it all from his home in Virginia ...

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Uber Faces New Sexism Accusations

Uber app login screen

Site reliability engineer Susan Fowler, who is a former Uber employee, accused the company of sexual harassment and of human resources negligence. She wrote everything in a blog post which she published on Monday. This is only the latest such issue which Uber is confronting and which has to do with the company’s way of dealing with its employees. How ...

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