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Google Acquired VR Studio Owlchemy Labs

Owlchemy Labs' Job Simulator

On Wednesday, Google made the official announcement that it is buying the successful virtual reality studio Owlchemy Labs. This is the same studio which has created “Job Simulator” and “Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality”. It is worth noting that the studio will keep on releasing virtual reality-based games, on multiple platforms. The only difference will be that Google will support ...

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Snapchat Falling Apart as Problems Continue

Official Snapchat logo

Some experts are saying that what is going on with Snapchat at the moment resembles a lot what happened to Twitter back in 2013. That was the year when the latter fell apart because of a really slow growth. Competition was tough and Twitter was heavily borrowing features from Facebook. Also, users could not find the content they were looking ...

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Google Working on New Operating System called Fuchsia

Google logo on a wall

Even if Google has the most popular operating system in the world, the Android, it seems like the company is not satisfied. Because of this, it has begun building a new one last summer, called Fuchsia. Since the news broke out, many people have started wondering what is the purpose of this new operating system? Does the company want to replace the ...

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Facebook Explains UK Users how to Spot Fake News

Facebok uses newspaper ads to warn people about fake news

It seems like Facebook wants to stop fake news from spreading so badly that it decided to move its campaign off the internet and into the papers too. So, this week, the social media giant has printed full-page ads in some of the most important British newspapers. Those include The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, and The Times. The ads were ...

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Intel Patches 10-Year-Old Security Compromise

intel logo

Intel was named the largest semiconductor chip maker in the world. Its products are empowering most of personal computers at a worldwide level. Computer systems manufacturers like Dell, Apple, and HP are also part of Intel’s large client portfolio. Nonetheless, the company discovered that features in charge of the remote management of its processors were harboring a security compromise for ...

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Google Makes Efforts to Stop “Fake News”

Google search engine under a magnifying glass

Google is continuously trying to make its search engine better and better, especially in what concerns the prevention of the so-called “fake news”. In a blog post from Tuesday, the company that it had been working on these changes for about four months now. However, it chose to offer details about them only now. Google is putting all its hopes ...

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Google Plans Ad Blocking Feature for Chrome

Google Chrome

According to fresh information from a new report, Google is planning to introduce an ad blocking feature to its Chrome browser. The feature will reportedly be available for both the mobile and desktop versions of the browser. Users will be able to turn it on by default. This may come as a big surprise, considering the fact that Google makes ...

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Zuckerberg has Some Ambitious Plans for Facebook

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg has long been planning to start a revolution and completely transform Facebook. So, during this week’s F8 conference, he revealed more details about this ambitious 10-year plan. He first revealed it last year and, according to it, Facebook wants to integrate augmented and virtual reality, along with artificial intelligence, into real, palpable parts of the business over the ...

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Facebook Denies it Needed Three Hours to Take Down Murder Video

Facebook logo in black and blue

Facebook reportedly denied that it needed three hours to take down the horrifying live video of a murder, posted by Steve Stephens, a Cleveland man, named “the Facebook killer”. On Sunday, the man live-streamed himself on Facebook while he shot 74-year old Robert Godwin, on the street. A murder on live-stream Facebook released an official statement. In it, the company ...

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Instagram Introduces Pinterest-Like Collection Feature

Instagram app on a phone

Recently, Instagram announced a new feature which will allow its users to create various Collections from the posts they like the most. It is worth noting that the very popular app has been going through a series of changes this past year. At first, it changed its logo and design, turning it into a colorless one. Then, they changed the ...

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