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Apple to launch next iPhone on 10 September 2013

Apple is all set to launch its next iPhone on 10 September 2012. By doing so, Apple will try to utilize all important holiday sales into its box. Unlike other years, Apple might have to face healthy competition from its biggest rival Samsung. Samsung has already lost the patent case by Apple so obviously they will try their best to ...

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Report: Samsung lost the Apple patent Case in US

Apple has won the patent case over Samsung in US. I am talking about the case in which Apple had reported that Samsung has copied some of their trademark features in its mobile. This case was judged on several levels and now it’s time for segmented results. This decision was taken by US International Trade Commission (ITC) which found Samsung ...

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XBox One to come with paid plans for essential services

Here comes one more bad news for Xbox One lovers. Microsoft has already delayed Xbox One launch behind and now they are going to charge users for various functions. Yes! You heard it right. Microsoft will charge you some fixed money for using various Xbox One features. It is really a big disappointment for all new Xbox generation lovers. With ...

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Amazon assures about Chromocast not being delayed

Chromocast is a wireless video streaming device launched by Google. Although, Amazon has been selling this product since last few months but customers are slightly worried about the reception of their product. However, Amazon wants to assure that Chromocast buyers should not be worrying about this and their order will not be delayed in any case. Contrary to this, e-mail ...

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PayPal uses customer’s face for the mobile payment verification

PayPal, the professional streamline and Transaction Company is rolling out with new security procedure to make sending and receiving money process simpler and trustful.  Recently, PayPal is observing tremendous increase in the subscription of PayPal app for iOS, Android or Windows Phone. The reason behind of this attractive caught on is that customer can simply work on this highlighted feature. ...

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Catty fights between South Korean company and Steve Job’s company: Knocking at the Judicial court

Friday is perhaps Apple’s crucial day for cuffing Samsung on two major legal areas. Both the legal matters are concerned with sales bans on Samsung’s phone to US for infringing the patent law. Apple is also claiming against the Department of Justice, over its failure on e-books business case. Apple vs. Samsung Both the companies appeared in the judicial court ...

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Verizon launches new NFL Mobile App

NFL mobile app

If you are having Verizon as your mobile operator and if you like to watch the matches on your mobile phone then there is a good news for you as Verizon has launched a new NFL mobile app with a lot of exciting features. The app will also be available to other carriers but there will be only one limitation ...

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