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Catty fights between South Korean company and Steve Job’s company: Knocking at the Judicial court

Friday is perhaps Apple’s crucial day for cuffing Samsung on two major legal areas. Both the legal matters are concerned with sales bans on Samsung’s phone to US for infringing the patent law. Apple is also claiming against the Department of Justice, over its failure on e-books business case. Apple vs. Samsung Both the companies appeared in the judicial court ...

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Verizon launches new NFL Mobile App

NFL mobile app

If you are having Verizon as your mobile operator and if you like to watch the matches on your mobile phone then there is a good news for you as Verizon has launched a new NFL mobile app with a lot of exciting features. The app will also be available to other carriers but there will be only one limitation ...

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Apple iOS 7 Beta 5 Brings Lot of Improvements

Hello guys I think you all iPhone lovers are enjoying the Beta updates of iOS 7 and recently Apple has released Beta Update 5 after 8 days of Release of Beta Update 4. Are you thinking to try and before giving it a try do you thinking what are the differences Between Beta 4 & 5 update. We  are here ...

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Tablets shipments lowered before new iPad launch


The shipments of tablets of various companies have been lowered as the next generation iPad is soon going to be released as per a research report generated by IDC. Apple is soon going to launch new iPad and iPad are always the first preference by people. It has been seen that whenever a new iPad is going to be launched ...

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Amazon’s Billionaire Founder Purchases the Capital’s Newspaper

Started in 1877, the Washington Post is one of the most well known newspapers in the world, gaining its first spell of popularity in the field of journalism when it uncovered the Watergate Scandal, bringing about the downfall of President Richard Nixon. Now, a century and a quarter later, in a stroke of symbolism rich transaction, Jeff Bezos, the founder of the ...

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Woman pays for Apple iPhones, receives fruits


In a bizarre incident, an Australian woman got duped by an online store that promised her of selling original Apple products. The incident took place when a 21 year old Australian woman registered as well as posted an ad on an online store called Gumtree. In the ad, she clearly mentioned that she wanted to purchase Apple Smartphones and asked ...

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Google Nexus 7 dominates over Ipad Mini

As all of us know that Google has rolled out an updated version of its Nexus 7 model with many changes and increased the price tag by 30$ than the Previous Generation Nexus 7 which is released in 2012. The device has upgraded to the present day competitive world Google had tried their level best to give a Best Tab ...

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Google Launches City Experts Program for Google+

In order to incorporate more and more high quality local business reviews and ratings on Google+, the company has launched a new program and named it as the Google City Experts. Limited to selected cities in the countries of Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom and Japan, the program promises to reward users who have submitted more than fifty ...

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