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Facebook to rolls out E-Commerce payment options, not PayPal competitor but fills space

Are you tired of using various IDs for various shopping and e-commerce sites? Well, Facebook is all set to roll out a new system of mobile payment, which is supposed to allow the users to make online purchases in collaborating e-commerce smartphone applications using simply their login IDs that they use for the social networking site. It’s reported that the ...

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Chip Tuning Technology Initiated By Intel

Intel, well known for having customized server chips for their customers, is now all set to tune chips for workloads of big data too. As we all must know, software is an integral part of building a chip design, customization is going to help the applications to collect, manage and analyse data a lot easier and quicker. The general manager ...

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Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch set to release this September

samsung smart watch

As per sources we have a confirmation that Samsung is also going to release the Smartwatch to use it with their devices. Several Engineers are working on the project. As per source the Samsung Smart watch will provide features like calling and Browsing the web. It can be used as companion to majority of Samsung Devices. The Smart Watch will ...

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Call Of Duty: Ghost, multiplayer: New features unveiled

In a public event in LA, renowned game publisher, Activision unveiled the latest new features of the popular new video game, Duty: Ghost multiplayer. The highly anticipated multiplayer mode of the game is said to focus on the customizable characters. Gamers will be able to select their avatar- including physical characteristics, sex and also other features like weapon load outs ...

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GTA 5 to be launched on 17 September 2013: Top 5 Features

PARIS – Good news for all GTA lovers – Rockstar developers are going to launch GTA 5 officially on 17 September 2013. GTA 5 is one of the most awaited games of the season which is going to be thrilled with very high end elements. All the previous GTA versions were mega hits with millions of active users. This time ...

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Microsoft in Knee Deep Lawsuit for “Misleading” Shareholders

Microsoft is apparently facing serious problems as a US law firm has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of the shareholders of Microsoft. The law firm alleges that Redmond has been misleading investors by failing to warn them of the dismally failing sales of the ARM based Surface RT fondleslabs. A press release was also issued in the same ...

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