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YouTube Joins Fight Against Online Terrorism

Official YouTube logo

YouTube has long been in a struggle about how to fight videos which encourage violent behaviors and hateful ideologies. The main problem is that most of these videos don’t actually break any of the platform’s guidelines. Also, if YouTube would decide to delete certain videos and not others, this act could create some unwanted situations. For example, it would badly ...

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Cook Criticizes Trump’s Decision to Leave Paris Accord

Tim Cook on stage

On June 1st, Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly sent out an e-mail to all of the company’s employees. In it, he expressed his profound disappointment regarding Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate deal. Cook reportedly explained that before the decision, he tried numerous times to persuade the president into changing his mind. However, “it ...

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The New Router from Asus is Different

Official Asus logo

The new router from Asus looks different than any other router on the market right now. It actually has more in common with some sort of air freshener than with a router. It’s also not a fan, humidifier or heater. Asus’ new router has this unusual design because it wants to deliver the best wi-fi experience possible. Some have called ...

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Subtitle Files Are Hiding Malware, Experts Say

Hackers hiding malware in subtitle files

According to a new report, hackers are now hiding malware in fake movie subtitles. This allows them to take control of your computer. The most affected users are the ones who have video players like VLC or Popcorn installed on their computers. The subtitle will reportedly drop the malware and then announce the hacker. Those fake subtitle files allow hackers ...

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Microsoft Announces Surface Pro. It’s Tablet vs Laptop Now?

Tablet near laptop

This week, Microsoft just announced their new Surface Pro which is meant as a successor to their other tablet/laptop hybrid called Surface Pro 4. At the same time, rumor has it that Apple is currently also working on a new iPad Pro which it may reveal in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference. So, it seems like those new releases ...

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Google Announces Standalone Virtual Reality Headsets

Girl enjoying virtual reality

According to Google, the key problems with virtual and augmented reality have been solved. At least in what concerns them. But the company will not stop here and it is planning a standalone virtual reality headset. Also, a new way to navigate indoors using visual reference points, bearing the name VPS. The company revealed that it has been working with ...

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Google Photos Will Let You Print Books

Google search on a tablet

Google Photos just introduces three new features which will help those people who have too many photos and do not have time to deal with them all. Since its launch two years ago, Google Photos has never introduced such a big update. Among them are some sharing and printing features which might prove very useful for some people. So, users ...

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Android O is Slowly Taking Shape

The Android mascot

Yesterday’s Google I/O presentation displayed a wide range of ambitions which the company is hoping to fulfill in the near future. However, what attracted the attention of many was maybe Android. More precisely, the new Google version of an operating system called Android O. Mainly, this one takes what was wrongly done in the Google mobile OS and makes it ...

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Seoul Says “WannaCry” Cyber Attack Might Have North Korea Links

Image of a cyber attack

On Tuesday, some South Korean cybersecurity experts warned that more attacks might be on the way after the global distress the “WannaCry” ransomware caused. They also said that the North might be at fault for what happened. Over the weekend, the largest such attack ever registered hit over 200,000 computers in 150 countries. It began on Friday when hackers started ...

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Ransomware Cyber Attack Wreaks Havoc all over the World

A cyber attack

On Monday, a ransomware cyber attack provoked panic and distress all over the world. It affected hospitals, schools and offices. A number of 150 countries reportedly felt the attack and the damages done by it are currently unknown. Moreover, experts are saying that the effects of it could extend and become worse because of lingering variations of the attack. It ...

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