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Samsung to Announce Galaxy Note 7 Probe Results on Jan 23

Samsung logo on a structure

As some reports from last week suggested, Samsung is going to make the official announcement regarding the cause of their Galaxy Note 7 exploding disaster. They conducted an investigation to find out what actually provoked the issues with the phones and will announce its result on January 23. They released an official statement in which they confirmed that the announcement ...

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Mozilla Firefox’s Change of Logo is Unfortunate

Mozilla new logo in blue

On Wednesday, Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser announced a “brand new experience” along with a new logo. Advertising matters a lot and it is only normal for Mozilla to try and do something about it. Mozilla’s browser market share fell a lot since 2010. Now, the company is trying to fix the issue and is doing something innovative, ...

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Gmail Users Might Fall Victim to Phishing Attacks

Gmail logo and an envelope

According to the CEO of Wordfence (WordPress’ security plug in), Mark Maunder, there is a new phishing technique which attacks many mail services. The most affected of them is Gmail and users have begun worrying that their accounts might become unusable. This method is reportedly highly effective and each Gmail user should be careful not to fall victim to it. ...

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Mark Zuckerberg to Appear in Court After VR Scandal

Mark Zuckerberg on stage

On Tuesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will appear in a Dallas court. The reason for this are the allegations that his company is facing regarding stolen virtual reality technology. The company which is suing Facebook for $2 billion is called Zenimax Media, owner of game studio id Software. Facebook in trouble According to Zenimax, Facebook’s Oculus copied their early virtual reality ...

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Facebook to Test Fake News Filtering in Germany

Facebook logo on a screen with a hoodie in front

Facebook will soon begin testing their anti-fake news system as part of their effort to stop such reports from spreading and to reduce their number and influence. The first country where this system will roll out is Germany. It is interesting that federal elections in Germany are going to take place in just a few months-time. And German chancellor Angela ...

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Facebook has A New Project which Will End Fake News

Facebook logo

Facebook recently announced their new project destined to put an end to the fake news scandal once and for all. It is called The Facebook Journalism Project and will look to strengthen the company’s ties with the news organizations. The project is also supposed to give journalists some training which will help them with their newsgathering and reporting. The idea ...

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Trump’s Supporter, Peter Thiel, Shares some Interesting Thoughts

Peter Thiel talking in front of a blue screen

Recently, Facebook board member and Donald Trump enthusiast Peter Thiel talked about some rather interesting issues in an interview with The New York Times. His views are sometimes fascinating, from ideas about the universe to life and many other things. It seems like he is trying to go into the spotlight, now that his favorite candidate has become president of ...

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Apple Veteran Hired by Elon Musk’s Tesla Company

Tesla logo

The man behind Apple’s Swift programming language, Chris Lattner, gave up on his job and went to Elon Musk’s Tesla company. There, he will act as the Vice President of autopilot software. Lattner announced his decision through an e-mail sent to Swift. He preferred to not give an official argumentation for his decision. Instead, he simply said that starting next ...

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Samsung Group Heir Named Bribery Suspect

Lee Jae-yong, Samsung heir, wearing glasses

South Korean prosecutors are going to investigate the third-generation heir of Samsung as a bribery suspect. With this move, the biggest tech company in the country is once again drawn into an already existing scandal which saw the president impeached. The heir is a bribery suspect The name of the Samsung heir is Lee Jae-yong. The prosecutors reportedly want to ...

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