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Twitch Streamer Dies During Charity Live Event

A huge Twitch sign hanged by the ceilling

A Twitch streamer and a pretty famous “World of Tanks” player Brian Vigneault (whose nickname was PoShYbRiD) was found dead on Sunday evening. According to reports, he passed away while live streaming a 24-hour charity event on Twitch. He was both the host and the producer of this event and he was doing it all from his home in Virginia ...

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Uber Faces New Sexism Accusations

Uber app login screen

Site reliability engineer Susan Fowler, who is a former Uber employee, accused the company of sexual harassment and of human resources negligence. She wrote everything in a blog post which she published on Monday. This is only the latest such issue which Uber is confronting and which has to do with the company’s way of dealing with its employees. How ...

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Adolf Hitler’s Telephone Sold at Auction

Adolf Hitler's red telephone

On Sunday, the famous telephone used by Adolf Hitler at an auction in the United States for $243,000. The name of the bidder is still unknown and the bid was reportedly made by phone. Hitler received the red telephone from the Wehrmacht. He reportedly used it during the two final years of World War II. In 1954, the phone was ...

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Mark Zuckerberg Pens Letter and Talks About Pressing Issues

Mark Zuckerberg talking on stage

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, wrote a rather long letter on Thursday and in it he shared his opinion on many interesting and current topics. Among other things, he talked about the future of his company, the fake news problem and how will artificial intelligence be incorporated into our everyday lives and into the social media platform, in the ...

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Facebook Now Allows Job Openings. What about LinkedIn?

Facebook app login screen on smartphon

Facebook keeps on expanding to new horizons. Recently, they introduced the possibility for businesses to post job openings on the social platform. What is more interesting is that users can also apply directly from Facebook for the job they want. The option is only available on Facebook pages (not personal accounts) and, for the moment, only in the United States ...

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Elon Musk Continues to Make Ambitious Predictions

Elon Musk inspecting a heat shield

Elon Musk is known to be one of those influential and rich people who are interested in lots of areas. Rocket science, solar energy, the auto industry. He tried them all. He succeeded too. Apart from all those businesses, he is also one of the people who dare to make ambitious predictions for the future of the human kind. On ...

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Tim Cook Calls for Campaigns Against Fake News

Tim Cook wearing glasses with the Apple logo behind

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently called for a massive campaign which should unite all the tech giants in the fight against fake news. He said this in a recent interview and also talked about what the governments should do in order to raise awareness among the people. Moreover, Cook thinks that an education campaign in schools would help a lot ...

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Android Wear 2.0 and What it Brings New to the Table

Android Wear smartwatch

After months and months of waiting, fans of smartwatches finally have something to be happy about. Google just revealed their new Android Wear 2.0 update. However, many voices are saying that while fans needed to wait entire months to get their hands on the new update, it does not really bring anything revolutionary. Die-hard fans of the smartwatch will undoubtedly ...

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Google Brain Makes “Zoom and Enhance” a Reality

Google Brain

Recently, the team behind Google Brain made some very serious innovations in what concerns increasing the resolution of images. The technology we all saw in detective movies where they look at very low quality photos of suspects and they ask the computer to “zoom and enhance” is now real. All right, almost real. Google managed to explore that technology and ...

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Twitter Continues to Fight Online Harassment

Twitter app on a smartphone

Twitter has been known to slightly change the social media platform every few months in order to fight against cyber bullying, online harassment and Internet trolls altogether. The company has a bad reputation of being the place where such trolls gather, terrorists claim responsibility for their attacks and Donald Trump says everything that goes through his head. However, experts are ...

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