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FBI vs Apple: San Bernardino Shooter Case Not Isolated

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The legal battle between FBI and Apple has been making headlines over the past few weeks, adding more fuel to the privacy and encryption debate that was already on fire across the U.S. Despite the fact that the federal agency insists this recent case of terrorism was limited in scope, it turns out that U.S. government agencies have filed more ...

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Dyson Launches Air Purifier Connected to ‘Internet of Things’

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It’s been more than two decades since Dyson rose to fame with their then-innovative bagless vacuum cleaners. In the meantime, the U.K. company has been launching everything from heaters to hand-dryers and air multipliers and washing machines. Aiming to help the population of China breathe fresher air, Dyson launched last year its first ever air purifier. The device was marketed ...

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Surprisingly, Google Offers Landline Service with Fiber Phone

Google’s fingers are dipped in a lot of jars at the moment. Not only does it reign undisputedly over search, but it also owns the most popular mobile OS with Android. But apparently that’s not enough for the tech giant as it also became an ISP with Fiber and a phone provider with Project Fi. You wouldn’t expect Google to ...

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Amazon Clamps Down on Sale of Faulty USB-C Cables

Rogue USB-C cables can cause some major problems when connected to laptops and smartphones. Thanks to Amazon, you might be a little more protected with the new regulations enforced by the e-retailer around the type of cables that it sells. Amazon’s list of items that cannot be put on sale on its online retail shop has just been expanded to ...

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Twitter Adds Accessibility Option for the Visually Impaired

Twitter is taking steps towards making its platform more accessible to those who are visually impaired. More precisely, the company is introducing the ability to add “alternative text,” or “alt text” to describe your images. This option allows people who use assistive technology – such as braille displays and screen readers – to hear a description of the image they ...

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Instagram Shuts Down Rumor About Algorithmic Feed Launch

If you’ve visited Instagram this past couple of days, you might have seen some of the people you follow urging you to turn on notifications for their posts. Singers, high-profile models, food bloggers, and artists all cited concern that you won’t get to see their pictures after Instagram changes its chronological feed to an algorithmic one in the near future. ...

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Google Goggles Capabilities Rumored to Come to Google Camera App

Rumor has it that Google plans to endow its camera app with augmented reality, one of the hottest technologies of the moment. If the rumor proves to be true, the search giant is expected to use its Google Goggles technology, allowing users to look up search results like nearby restaurants, public transport information, and retailers that would make buying products ...

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Windows Insiders Call Dibs on Microsoft’s Universal Skype App

The next edition of Skype will be for Windows Insiders’ eyes only. Designed to work on any Windows 10 device, the next version of Microsoft’s messaging service will be launched under the name of “Skype Universal Windows Platform Preview.” After purchasing it for $8.5 billion in 2011, Microsoft has continuously improved its messaging platform to the point that it will ...

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Facebook’s Safety Check After Pakistan Blast Was Glitched

Minutes after the news of the terrorist attack on Lahore, Pakistan, Facebook activated its Safety Check tool, but this time, it had an unexpected glitch. Users who weren’t even remotely in the vicinity of the catastrophe were sent messages asking them if they were safe. At least 69 people were killed and hundreds more injured in a suicide bombing on ...

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