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New Emojis Coming from Apple Later this Year

New emojis to roll out later this year

Emojis are cool, useful in conversations and they have also become increasingly complex and ingenious. However, after a while of using the same little yellow face for expressing laughter when you are actually not amused at all, they can become quite boring. This is why Apple has decided to introduce a series of new emojis which will roll out for ...

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Netflix Exceeds Everyone’s Expectations

Netflix exceeds expectations

On Monday, Netflix Inc. exceeded everyone’s expectations, even Wall Street’s ones, and added a number of 5.2 million users. Moreover, the company expects an even greater rise mainly because now there are more subscriptions which don’t come from the United States. So, at the beginning of the week, its stock grew with about 10.4%. The shares of Netflix also sky ...

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Verizon Partner Exposes Customer Data After Leak

Verizon partner made public user data

On Wednesday, the company Verizon made the official announcement that, because of a security setting that was wrongly configured, personal data belonging to about 6 million people leaked on the internet. Cybersecurity company UpGuard is the one that actually discovered this breach which was reportedly caused by a person, not a computer error. That wrongly-configured setting allowed for the customers’ ...

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Tech Investor Dave McClure Apologizes to Women

Dave McClure

Recently, Dave McClure, the co-founder of accelerator and investment firm 500 Startups has written an apology letter with the title “I’m a Creep. I’m Sorry”. In it, the powerful tech investor is apologizing to the women in the industry towards whom he had an inappropriate behavior. He is also admitting that he made advances toward many women in situations where ...

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Uber Says It Didn’t Know about Waymo Data Theft Before Lawsuit

Official Uber logo

When District Judge William Alsup asked some questions about the recent lawsuit regarding self-driving technology which the company might have stolen from Waymo, Uber responded that nobody at the company knew about any taken proprietary information from Waymo until the latter filed the lawsuit. To clear things up, Waymo is the self-driving unit belonging to Google’s parent company Alphabet. Recently, ...

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Was Petya Ransomware actually a Cyberattack?

A ransomware released into the world

Now that the craziness which the most recent Petya ransomware attack has created is slowly fading away, Ukraine seems to have been the most affected country. According to Kaspersky Labs, about 60% of all systems which Petya attacked were inside the country. This is far more than those outside it. The hack also affected some of Ukraine’s most important structures ...

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EU Fines Google $2.7 Billion for Manipulating Search Results

Google search

According to reports, the European Union has just fined tech giant Google with a record-breaking sum of $2.7 billion. This decision comes after a seven-year long investigation after numerous claims about Google abusing its internet search monopoly. More precisely, the company was accused of manipulating the search results. This is the biggest competition fine the European Commission has ever handed, ...

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New BMW X3 Images Leak and Show the New Design

Official BMW logo

BMW is planning to reveal the next generation of X3 cars today, June 26. However, it seems not everything is well and organized because the Hong Kong website of the brand posted some new pictures which have been taken down since then), revealing the final design of the new model. Moreover, if we were to add the new leaked images ...

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Google Launches New Job Search Engine

Google launches job search feature

Thanks to Google, looking for a new job is now easier than ever because yesterday, the company launched their new job search feature. Users can reportedly find it right on the search page. This new feature allows everyone to search for new jobs on practically every major online job board. For example, someone can look up a job offer on ...

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New Details Emerge in 2016 Tesla Autopilot Crash Case

Tesla Model S sedan

A 2016 accident of a Tesla Model S sparked a lot of controversy. Some argued that maybe the world is not yet ready for self-driving cars. Others blamed it all on the driver. According to a witness, the semi-autonomous sedan got out of control and plowed underneath a tractor trailer, leaving behind only a huge cloud of white smoke. On ...

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