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New Emails Surface in Hillary Clinton Server Case

new emails Hillary Clinton server case

In an unexpected twist to the U.S. presidential campaign the FBI uncovered potentially significant material in the Hillary Clinton server case. New emails sent through Hillary Clinton’s private server surfaced after the Federal Bureau of Investigation seized devices belonging to Huma Abedin and her husband, Anthony Weiner, in an unrelated case.  The shocking revelation was announced through a letter sent to Congress members. “In connection with ...

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After Note 7 Catastrophe, Samsung focuses on the new Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 photographed up close on a black background

It seems like Samsung got over the Galaxy Note 7 disaster and is now focusing on their next smartphone, the Galaxy S8. According to their vice chairman, the new S8 phone will have an improved camera and a better, slicker design. Also, he said that artificial intelligence will be a big part of the new phone. Interesting, to say the ...

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Google buys Eyefluence, the eye-tracking interface Startup

Google logo displayed on a white wall inside a building

Reports are saying that Google has acquired Eyefluence on Monday. Eyefluence is an eye-tracking interface startup and they focus on developing eye-tracking technology. They made the announcement on the company’s blog. In the post, they thanked everyone involved, their partners and investors for being there in their journey towards greatness. The firm started business in 2013 and now it seems like Google though ...

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South Koreans sue Samsung over Note 7 Mess


Many South Korean customers are now demanding compensation for the inconveniences caused by the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones. On Monday, hundreds of them have reportedly filed a lawsuit against Samsung Electronics. Compensation Over five hundred angry customers have filed a lawsuit and are demanding that each Note 7 buyer should be given 500,000 won (which is around $440) ...

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Tesla Motors has announced fully self-driving Cars


On Wednesday, Tesla Motors made the announcement that their electric cars are going to have a special hardware. This hardware is the missing element to make the cars fully self-driving. Also, their vehicles are going to be the first in the country to have this system implemented. Their Model S, X and upcoming Model 3 sedan are the vehicles in ...

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Tesla Motors postponed their surprise Announcement until Wednesday


It looks like Tesla Motors’ big reveal will not be coming right now. But in a few days. On Sunday, Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk said that the big announcement will be happening on Wednesday. Why? According to him, the project need a little bit more “refinement”. What is this “project”? Tesla Motors has not said a word about what ...

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Verizon wants to renegotiate the deal for Yahoo


On Thursday, Verizon revealed that they might request a renegotiation of the $4.8 billion deal for Yahoo. This comes three weeks after the company suffered the biggest data breach in history. Specialists anticipated that this was going to happen, but it seems like Verizon is moving quickly. The reasons are there Verizon General Counsel Craig Silliman said that the financial ...

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Samsung has completely stopped production for Galaxy Note 7

Note 7

Samsung has officially announced the end for the production of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones all around the world. Is seems like the controversy surrounding them has not diminished and now, the time has come for the company to admit their mistakes. They cited customer’s safety as the main reason for their action. This announcement comes just a day after the ...

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