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Introducing APFS, Apple’s New File System

Apple’s New File System

Apple’s new file system, simply called Apple File System (APFS) is just one of the recent announcements that the giant company has made. This brand new system focuses on security, offering a unified encryption method for every Apple device. The base of Apple’s New File System lies in security and privacy. APFS combines former encryption methods into a unified model. ...

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Facebook Activates “Safety Check” Post-Orlando Massacre

Facebook activates “Safety Check” post-Orlando massacre, being the first time when this service is available in the United States. At least 50 people died on Sunday at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, making it the deadliest mass-shooting in the history of the U.S. The “Safety Check” feature by Facebook is a service activated during a natural or a man-made ...

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Facebook Rolls Out Video Commenting

"Facebook Rolls Out Video Commenting"

Facebook rolls out Video commenting, placing itself in the spotlight yet once more. It looks like the guys and gals at Facebook are the most hard working people in social media. We’ve only just written about the newly available 360-degree photo posts, and now we’re back with more news. This new feature is the work of Facebook Project Manager, Bob ...

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Facebook Now Helps You Share 360 Photos

"Facebook Now Helps You Share 360 Photos"

Great news, photography fanatics. Facebook now helps you share 360 photos. There’s no stopping the social media network when it comes to new innovations. No more boring pictures, guys, you can now upload amazing 360-degree photos on Facebook. The social media company introduces photos to the network more than a decade ago, becoming the perfect way to show friends what ...

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How to Run Android on iOS with a Phone Case

"Run Android on iOS"

Have you heard? You can run Android on iOS. We know, it seems impossible, but not for developer Nick Lee. Using a 3D-printed case for an iPhone, he managed to make the combination actually work. Lee, from the development studio Tendigi, named the primary inspiration to be “the intense feelings Android and iOS users have about each other”. Why not ...

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Could We Be Snapchatting in 3D Soon?

"Snapchattig in 3D "

Could we be Snapchatting in 3D soon? Rumors have it that Snapchat has secretly acquired Seene. Some might not be familiar with the name, but that may soon change. Seene (Obvious Engineering) is a tech start-up that helps turn regular photos into 3D images. Neither one of the two companies has released official statements about the acquisition. The financial terms ...

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How Australia Looks out for Phone Addicts

"How Australia Looks out for Phone Addicts"

Australia looks out for phone addicts because we’re now officially glued to our smartphones. It’s easy to get distracted while you’re on the street, browsing through the news or check-in up on what’s new in your Facebook news feed. It’s also easy for something bad to happen to you if you can’t take your eyes off the screen while crossing ...

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Report Reveals Tumblr Was Hit by Massive Breach

Several weeks ago, Tumblr users went nuts hearing that the company had been the target of a data breach that resulted in the exposure of millions of user email addresses and hashed passwords. Back then, Tumbler refused to reveal how many accounts were affected, but the data that was stolen was recently put up for sale and the number is ...

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Mobile Ad Blocking Threatens the Advertising Market

Soon, there might not be a market for ads delivered on smartphones, and that’s not exactly what publishers and advertisers had hoped for. According to a new research report from PageFair, an Irish startup that measures and assists publishers in managing ad blocking, reports that 419 million people are using a method to block ads on their smartphones. That’s the ...

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Sony’s E3 Press Conference Will Be Live in Latin American Cinemas

alt=A general view of the atmosphere at the Xbox 360 E3 media briefing Monday June 4, 2012 in Los Angeles. (Photo by Todd Williamson/Invision for Xbox)

PlayStation fans, rejoice! According to Michael Steranka, the Brand Activations Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment America, you will be able to watch the E3 live in some 85 cinemas in the United States, Canada and – starting this year – Latin America. The event is scheduled to take place at Los Angeles convention center, but Sony gamers are spread all ...

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