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Spotify Quietly Announces The New 60 Million Subscribers Milestone

spotify app on smartphone

Spotify just updated its About page on a new milestone. The new bullet point simply states Subscribers: Over 60 million (as of July 2017) which is a significant increase in their paid subscriber base. In March, the service counted 50 million subscribers. Despite New Gains, Spotify Is Still In A Pickle The update comes in sharp contrast to the March announcement ...

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Blu Smartphones Suspended From Amazon Due To Security Threat

blu smartphone

Amazon suspended sales of Blu smartphones after security experts concluded that the company producing the phone collects sensitive user data. During the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, the experts from Kryptowire showed that Chinese based company Shanghai Adups Technology is the group behind the spying software. Cheap Phones Might Actually Be A Security Threat Last November, experts at Kryptowire ...

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EPIC Files Complaint With The FTC Over Google Service

google on ipad

A user privacy rights group has filed a complaint with the FTC over Google Attribution, a service launched in May that tracks purchases made by users in stores. The group, known as the Electronic Privacy Information Center is concerned with how exactly Google is tracking this information, as the details are not available to the public. Google’s Service to Help ...

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A Persona 5 Anime Is Heading Our Way According To Atlus

persona 5 anime poster

Atlus announced on Sunday that it would be looking to release a Persona 5 anime. According to the first details and reports on the matter, this could start airing sometime in 2018. The announcement also came with a first short trailer of the future anime. 超速報!!!!! 『ペルソナ5』 2018年 TVアニメシリーズ化決定!#ペルソナ5https://t.co/BKSWbLoMij pic.twitter.com/6ke7IFhYj0 — モルガナ_ペルソナ広報 (@p_kouhou) July 30, 2017 Persona 5 Anime Initially Available Only ...

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What is New on Apple iOS 11 Beta 4

iOS 11 brings many changes

On the morning of July 24, Apple reportedly sent the Beta 4 version of the new iOS 11 to all the developers. According to reports, this version of the beta is the one which brings the largest number and the most important changes out of them all. Users will be very happy to know that Apple has finally added that ...

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EU Puts Pressure on Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms

It seems like recently, the European Union has been increasing its pressure on many social-media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google. The Union reportedly wants them to alter their user terms in such a way that they would be in correlation with its laws. This happens after many tech companies have submitted their own proposals which the EU deemed insufficient. ...

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Apple Releases Siri Movie Starring The Rock

The Rock Johnson

It’s interesting how Hollywood actors are so willing to create hype and excitement around everything they’re part of. Even if what they’re part of is not that great. This was also the case with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who, on Sunday, got everyone excited when he announced that he starred in a movie which Apple made. He said that this ...

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Amazon Has its own Social Network Called Spark

Amazon launches Spark

On Tuesday, Amazon launched its own social network called Spark on the iPhone app of the company. It may seem new, but there are already a ton of posts on it, a sure sign that the company has been testing it for quite some time. Only Amazon Prime members can access it for the moment. Those people are already paying ...

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New Emojis Coming from Apple Later this Year

New emojis to roll out later this year

Emojis are cool, useful in conversations and they have also become increasingly complex and ingenious. However, after a while of using the same little yellow face for expressing laughter when you are actually not amused at all, they can become quite boring. This is why Apple has decided to introduce a series of new emojis which will roll out for ...

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Netflix Exceeds Everyone’s Expectations

Netflix exceeds expectations

On Monday, Netflix Inc. exceeded everyone’s expectations, even Wall Street’s ones, and added a number of 5.2 million users. Moreover, the company expects an even greater rise mainly because now there are more subscriptions which don’t come from the United States. So, at the beginning of the week, its stock grew with about 10.4%. The shares of Netflix also sky ...

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