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Silicon Valley Tech Employees refuse to build Muslim Database

Muslim woman in front of an anti-Trump sign

Hundreds of tech employees from Silicon Valley are protesting against a Muslim database. Workers from big companies like Twitter and Google have refused to help with the building of such a registry, which is supposedly president-elect Donald Trump ‘s idea. Speculation or truth? Nobody knows for sure if there is any truth to this rumor that the Donald Trump administration ...

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Over 100 New Emojis came with iOS 10.2

Emojis being used on a phone while texting

Today, Apple released their iOS 10.2 update. It includes a lot of new things: new wallpapers for your phone, new apps (even a TV app), but maybe the most awaited new feature are the new emojis. Some of them redesigned, some of them completely new. Over 100 of them. It seems like the emoji lovers are going to be in ...

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Nvidia tests Self-Driving Cars in California

Nvidia logo with green on black and white background

It seems like everyone wants into the self-driving cars business these days. The latest addition to a pretty big list of names which includes Uber, Intel and Google is Nvidia. On Thursday, the graphic cards company received the green light to test their self-driving cars in California. A day later, their Nvidia BB8 model could be seen on the streets. ...

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Donald Trump to have a Tech Meeting with Cook, Sandberg, Musk and more

Donald Trump talking dressed in a dark suit with white shirt and blue tie, with the American flag behind

President-elect Donald Trump has invited a lot of very important people from Silicon Valley to a tech meeting which is going to take place this week. The gathering will most likely look to establish and develop the relations between the president-elect of and some of the world’s biggest tech companies. There might be other crucial subjects at stake, but the organizers ...

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Jack Dorsey ‘s feelings are “complicated” regarding Donald Trump

Jack Dorsey talking and gesturing on a stage, dressed in a grey shirt

On Tuesday, at a Code Commerce conference which took place in San Francisco, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey talked about some quite interesting things. Among those was the issue surrounding numerous social-media platforms. Also, the people who are accusing them of promoting president-elect Donald Trump. Not Twitter, but America choose Trump Dorsey had some very straight forward answers when the reporters asked ...

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Facebook and other Internet Giants unite to remove “Terrorist content” from their Websites

Facebook logo with people silhouettes

Today, many Internet giants have made the announcement that they will be collaborating in order to remove “terrorist content” from their websites. Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube said that they want to stop it from spreading. So, they are planning to create a shared industry database which will help find this kind of content. Mostly, they want to remove the ...

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Facebook tells everyone to Stop worrying about Artificial Intelligence

Facebook app as seen on a smart phone, in blue

On Thursday, Facebook launched a campaign which has as a purpose the education of the masses in what concerns the evolution of the Artificial Intelligence phenomenon. The social media platform released some short videos which explain the technology used for face recognition, self-driving cars and language translation. Facebook wants to reassure everyone that Artificial Intelligence is not going to take ...

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Artificial Intelligence Algorithm can predict the Immediate Future

Artificial intelligence brain with circuits

Artificial intelligence technology has made an enormous progress over the last few years. So much that it even got some people worried about its potentially destructive nature. However, there is one area where it is still not as evolved as scientists would like it to be. That is its capacity to think and anticipate various events and to act in ...

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