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Samsung is expecting Huge profit despite Note 7 Mess

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in someone's hand

Less than four months ago, Samsung needed to issue a recall for every Note 7 smartphone ever bought and it was a bit embarrassing. The reason is already common knowledge: the phones were catching fire and many of them provoked injuries and cancelled flights, among other things. Now, it seems like the company left the past behind and it is ...

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Amazon ‘s Alexa dominating this Year’s CES

Amazon Echo with Alexa virtual assistant

It looks like Amazon is winning the battle for the best virtual voice assistant with their Alexa model. At least this is what we can extract from Alexa’s domination at this year’s CES. Companies like Apple, Samsung or Google might have lost the war in what concerns this kind of technology. Alexa’s domination at CES All the tech giants are ...

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Apple removed the New York Times app from Chinese app Store

Apple logo on a building during the night, with lights on a tree

Late last month, Apple eliminated any news app created by the New York Times from the Chinese app store. The company listened to a request from the Chinese authorities to do so. It all began in 2012 when the government started blocking the New York Times website. They did this because of an article which they published and which talked ...

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Zuckerberg ‘s 2017 Challenge: meet and talk to People in all 50 States

Mark Zuckerberg talking with the Facebook logo behind

Each year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sets himself a challenge which he needs to complete by the end of the year. According to him, these challenges help him with his personal growth. Some of his previous ones included learning Mandarin, reading a book every week and building an Artificial Intelligence system for his house. For 2017, he wants to travel all around ...

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CES 2017 is Close. What to expect from it this Year

CES 2014, Samsung's booth

CES is the place where every year, in Las Vegas, some of the biggest tech companies in the industry gather to show off their new devices to the press. CES 2017 will not be much different than last years’ events. Many non-innovative devices and some which are truly interesting hidden behind the first ones. You might have to dig deep in ...

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Amazon receives Patent for Flying Warehouse for Drones

Amazon logo on white background

Recently, Amazon has received a patent for a flying warehouse. Some may wonder, for what? Well, this reportedly huge warehouse will serve as a launch pad for drones. This way, they will be able to deliver various items in a very short time, even minutes. Amazon will reportedly place those flying bases near the big cities and big sporting events. ...

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Oculus reportedly bought a Danish Eye-Tracking Startup

Person testing an Oculus Rift

On Wednesday, Facebook’s Oculus confirmed that they acquired the Danish eye-tracking startup called The Eye Tribe. The company did not mention any price. This acquisition is important because in the near future, the users might be able to control their mobile or virtual reality experiences with just their eyes and their direction. The Eye Tribe For quite some time, The ...

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Virtual Reality in 2016 and what does the Future hold for it

A girl wearing virtual reality glasses with the clear sky behind

In 2016, the virtual reality technology evolved a lot. Some might say that it actually became a palpable reality. It is interesting that in just a few months, this technology encouraged the beginning of some new computer technologies. Moreover, because of its success, the prices of graphic cards grew a lot, proving the existence of what many call a new ...

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Uber ends California Test of Self-Driving Cars

Uber app as seen on a smartphone

A week ago, Uber started a test for their self-driving cars which took place in San Francisco. Now, they decided to end it and pulled the Volvos from the streets of the city, according to an official statement from the company. The reason for this is the refusal of the state regulators to extend their registrations. Self-driving cars Uber had ...

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