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Jeff Jones, Uber President, Quits

Black card with Uber logo on it

According to a new report, Uber president Jeff Jones stepped down from his post. This is the latest blow to the ride hailing company, which has been facing numerous problems recently. Jones is a marketing expert who was hired to work on the company’s image. Interestingly enough, he joined Uber just seven months ago. He released an official statement in ...

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Nintendo Switch Production to Double

Nintendo Switch console

One of the hot topics of the beginning of the year is without a doubts the Nintendo Switch console. It was one of the gaming devices which gained huge amounts of popularity among buyers. It may all be a result of the fact that the Switch is a very adaptable console. You can use at home, as a normal gaming ...

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U.S. Charges Russian Agents for Yahoo Hack

Yahoo headquarters during daylight

On Wednesday, the Justice Department charged two Russian intelligence officials. They were reportedly the ones behind the giant data breach which hit Yahoo in 2014. At the time, they stole about 500 million accounts from the company. Many considered that to have been the most serious such hack in the history of technology. This latest action weakens the relations between the United States ...

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Hackers Take Control of Twitter to Post Controversial Messages

Hand holding a smartphone with Twitter

It seems like Twitter Counter, which is a third-party service providing analytics, failed once again to protect the Twitter platform from hackers. On Wednesday, a number of users posted a highly controversial message in the Turkish language. Except that they were not the ones who actually wrote those messages. Hackers managed to get into some high-profile Twitter accounts and posted ...

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Headphones Explode During Flight to Australia

Pair of black headphones on a table

On Wednesday, the Australian officials announced that a woman suffered minor burns on her face and hands because her headphones caught fire. She reportedly had a pair of battery-operated headphones and she was listening to music on a flight from Beijing to Melbourne. About two hours in, the headphones started heating up. They immediately caught fire, causing the woman to ...

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Facebook Forbids Developers to Use Data for Surveillance

Woman with notebook looking through Facebook

Facebook announced on Monday that it recently updated its platform policies. Following those changes, the company will now block any surveillance attempt on the platform. Facebook is going to do this by forbidding developers to use data from the social media platform in order to spy on people. This decision comes right after numerous civil rights organizations like the American ...

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Uber Admits Using “Greyball” to Dodge Regulators

Uber driver in Bogota

In a statement from Wednesday, Uber admitted to using a specifically designed tool called “Greyball” which dodges regulators. In the same statement, they provided some details in regards with this controversial new technology. This greyballing technique reportedly represented a way for the company to provide some ghost driver information and send it to a specific person. Another recent report on ...

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Ford Testing 3D-Printing for Big Car Parts

Ford logo

According to what Ford said on Monday, the company is currently testing a 3D-printing technology for large car parts. This new technology could help drivers immensely in their efforts to customize their cars at a lower price. Ford is also stating that what they are working on could have amazing benefits for drivers: from low prices to higher efficiency. It could ...

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Bolivia Files Formal Complaint to France Because of Videogame

Image of Bolivia in-game

According to a report, the government of Bolivia has filed a formal complaint with the French embassy in La Paz. Their problem has to do with the way the developers depicted the country in the upcoming video game called “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands”, from Ubisoft. The story of the third-person shooter takes place in a future version of Bolivia ...

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Google Assistant Now Available for More Android Users

Google Assistant on smartphone

Since Friday, the Google Assistant is available to more Android users who have smartphones running on Android 7.0 Nougat and Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Google made the official announcement that they would do this last week, but today, the company released a video ad which officially brings the good news. That the Google Assistant is from now on available to more ...

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