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The New XPS 13 from Dell Is Stain-Resistant

Dell XPS 13

This year, Dell is bound to update the design of the new XPS 13. The laptop has preserved its port selection, style and look for three years. Now, Dell decided that it is time for a refresh, offering it an ever-so-slightly streamlined build. The laptop has a new color option, namely white-and-gold and it also features updated ports. Now, the ...

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The New ThinkPad from Lenovo Features Webcam Security Covers

A Lenovo ThinkPad

Lenovo has launched its new ThinkPad which is an updated version of the previous model. The new ThinkPad focuses more on its user’s privacy with its webcam security covers. The ThinkPad T, X and L models feature the faster 8th-generation Intel Core processors. Furthermore, they also feature lighter and slimmer bodies. The ThinkPad X280 is 12.5 inches thick while the ...

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MacBook 2017, Apple’s Updated and Ultraportable Laptop

Apple MacBook

Many people are very confused in regards with what specific Apple MacBook they should choose for their needs. For entire years, the choice was a relatively simple one, as we had only two options. If you wanted a cheaper and more portable option, you would choose the MacBook Air. For those who wanted a more advanced laptop with more firepower, ...

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Asus Reveals ZenBook Flip S Convertible

Official Asus logo

The leader of Asus’ trio of new ZenBook computers, all of them extra-lightweight and technologically-advanced, is the Flip S convertible. The laptop is just 10.9 millimeters thick, which makes it the thinnest laptop in the world right now. However, even if it’s light and thin, it’s actually a very performant laptop. It has the power of the Intel Corei7-7500U processor and ...

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Acer Enriches Hybrid Laptop Line with Two New Additions

acer notebook

Acer is a Taiwanese multinational company that managed to become the world’s sixth largest personal computer vendor back in 2015. While the organization is ceaselessly working on its core IT business branch, Acer did not neglect its wearable devices either. As such, the company enriched its hybrid laptop collection with two brand new notebooks that are ultra-light and are also ...

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Professional MacBook Users not pleased with Apple ‘s New Laptops

An Apple MacBook Pro opened on a wooden table, in silver

A few days ago, Apple unveiled their new MacBook Pro laptops. Initially, the reactions to the release were positive. People were impressed with the design of the new laptops and with its features. But as they dug deeper and information settled in their minds, negative opinions began to arise. Now, more and more people have declared themselves disappointed with what ...

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Apple ‘s Iconic Startup Chime is Gone

Apple's McBook Pro 2016, seen from aboive on a desk, in silver and with black keryboard

Since 1998, when the first Apple product was released, many things have changed. From design to key features, they have all come and went. But that little soothing chime which tells you that the computer is booting up has remained the same. Until now. With the release of their new MacBook Pro, the Apple team has decided to kill the ...

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Apple ’s reveal of MacBook Pro is mediocre. Here’s why

Apple MacBook Pro computer on a wooden table, opened, in silver

During Thursday’s press conference, Apple revealed their new 15-inch MacBook Pro. This marked their first computer launch in years. These new MacBooks are pricey, yes. But this is nothing new. Plus, they come with a familiar feature which most of the users hated: the removal of the USB and camera SD slots. Just like they got rid of the old ...

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MacBook Pro 2016 may Come Out in October

MacBook Pro

According to some recent reports, Apple may release the new MacBook Pro 2016 on October 26. Even if some other sources do not have an exact date, it is indeed expected that Apple will unveil the new laptop by the end of 2016. And if the release date is indeed this close, this is as good a time as any ...

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Acer’s Chromebook R 13 – The Best Chromebook so Far?

Acer’s Chromebook R 13 – The Best Chromebook so Far?

The Chromebook R 13 is Asus’s latest hit. Some say it may just be the best Chromebook that has ever been made. And Android lovers will also be pleased to hear that the new notebook is Android-friendly. The new Chromebook can function both as a laptop and as a tablet. But just you wait – there’s more. The device features ...

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