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Flipboard adds onscreen alerts, with faster and updated iOS app interface

After incorporating iOS 7’s parallax effect to full-screen magazine covers, Flipboard has updated the iOS app with performance enhancements, much cleaner interface and some new feature. Most refined and polished app in Apple App Store, Flipboard’s updated version 2.1 iOS app is now available to download for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touchs. This update, however doesn’t give any huge details in changelog, ...

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Rockstar sues leading mobile companies including Google for patent infringement

Rockstar Consortium filed lawsuits against Google, Samsung, HTC, Huawei and three other companies who are accused of patent infringement. On Thursday, several lawsuits were filed by Rockstar Group against Google and leading mobile manufacturers. Thousands of Nortel patents are owned by the group after the recent outbid of Google in the Nortel bankruptcy auction. The Nortel patents were purchased by ...

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Factory reset button added to Google Chrome

Now a single click can now turn Google chrome settings into its original state. Google announced that the browser can be restored to a “factory-fresh” state by the click of the new button. The new “reset browser settings” when clicked would restore any saved search engines or customization to its original state, as mentioned in the browser’s help page. All ...

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New Software from Google to protect journalists

In a move to protect Human rights groups and news organisations from cyber attacks, Google Inc has launched a new technology in its package of services. The company on Monday said that the new package is aimed at supporting “free expression” across the web. The company in a presentation in New York also launched a new technology known as uProxy ...

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New Apple TV ‘rumor’ spotted in French and German Amazon sites


On Thursday, the current generation Apple TV was unavailable and notifying that the device would be “available from October  23”, sparking off rumors that a updated version of the Apple TV was on its way. Though there is not much of reports to confirm the next- generation device, Amazon’s sudden unavailability suggests that Apple may soon release the revamped version ...

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Google reported Q3 2013 earnings – $14.9 billion revenue and $10.74 per share as non-GAAP earnings

Google released the Q3 2013 earnings report and Larry Page was very happy announcing the results as the company has generated $14.9 billion consolidated revenue from all its services and products in which $2.97 billion is the net income and $10.74 per share as non-GAAP earnings. Google said that it has reported 12% increase in earnings compared to last year’s ...

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Netflix targets cable TV set-top boxes to get itself in it

Netflix is now in talks with Comcast, Suddenlink Communications and other such popular cable TV companies to include Netflix streaming app on their set-top boxes. The news broke out from the source, which is familiar with the current talks between the companies. There will be partnered services between Netflix ad traditional cable TV companies, if the deal is closed successfully. ...

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