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Google Stars extension leaked after its debut on Chrome Store

A Google+ user found the Google Stars extension app on Chrome Store before being pulled off by Google and a German blogger has made it available for download. Now let’s brief you how it works and know about the features. The app was will allow a user to ‘Star’ bookmarks and the regular bookmarks is replaced with grid-like view of ...

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Iranian hackers gathering intelligence through Social Media

Social Media in ripples

The present state of the social media is such that everything that you put in can be used against you. More often than not we do read about things that refer to information leaked on the social media. Thus it was probably never an obsolete idea where social media could e sued for intelligence gathering. According to the reports put ...

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Iran court summons Mark Zuckerberg over privacy violations

On Tuesday, an Iranian court summoned Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg after individuals accused of privacy violations in Facebook-owned apps like Instagram and WhatsApp. On Tuesday. a local judge in the Fars province demanded Zuckerberg to explain “violation of privacy” complaints made by individuals using WhatsApp and Facebook. The case also highlights the arguments between the moderates who seek to increase ...

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Apple assures users that iCloud wont be breached after hacking attack


Apple users affected by the hacking attack were acknowledged by Apple to change their user ID and passwords after the users reported locked iPhones with a ransom message. A hacker by the name Oleg Piss reportedly hacked iPhones, iPads and Mac devices of Australian Apple users which were reported on Apple online support forum. Apple users in Southern California had ...

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UK police take down torrent search engine Torrentz.eu

The City of London Police took down the Torrentz.eu on the request of UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit and returned online after 24 hours. UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit have been sending letters to the Torrentz.eu website registrar Nazwa which is based in Poland and domain name was suspended by the registrar. However the website was back online ...

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BBM Protected to give every message its own Security Key

When the whole arena of internet media and social messaging networks are typically worried about security and privacy, BBM talks about a chatting application that i.e. better that all.  The present version of BBM messenger is also quite a secure piece of structure. But as they say, ‘Development has no limits’; BBM is looking forwards to the launch of a ...

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After hacking reports, eBay says change passwords

Hacking seems to have grown better in its own sense over the last few years. Hacking has found its place in the internet media as one of the major concerns in the recent times. We have seen a lot of cases recently where in social networking sites have suffered owing to hacking attacks. Although, it is not important to look ...

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DynDNS-maker Dyn acquires internet intelligence service Renesys

Renesys, a company known for cloud services, connectivity services on the internet was acquired by Dyn, today. A well-known internet service for performance announced that it acquired Renesys. Dyn is well renowned for DynDNS service over the internet. Renesys was in news during the internet blackout in Egypt due to the revolution happening there and also on other internet censorship ...

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