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Twitter Just Twittered Out Searchable Stickers for Photos

twitter bird singing

In a world of mildly amusing, 140-character messages, Twitter just twittered out searchable stickers for photos – and they’re just as amazing as you might’ve guessed. When was the last time you posted a photo that needed a little more pizazz? Now you can stylize all your artful masterpieces with… really cool hats and sunglasses! Twitter just announced that it ...

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The Brick Wall Illusion Is the Latest Internet Trend

"Brick Wall Illusion"

Were you tired of the gold and white, black and blue dress? Well now the brick wall illusion is the latest internet trend, and people are going wild trying to figure out the hidden object in the picture. According to the legend, whoever finds the abnormality in less than five minutes is a genius, judging by internet standards, of course. ...

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Kansas City Loses Free Internet via Google Fiber

alt="Google Fiber unit"

Some things are just too good to last, and we can hardly think of something better than free Internet. While Kansas City enjoyed the privilege of being the first to get Google Fiber, it’s also the first to lose it. To be perfectly honest, the service was not completely free, as Google require a rather expensive one-time installation fee of ...

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#FiberisComing to San Francisco with Great Internet Speeds

It’s time for the apartments, condos, and affordable housing properties in San Francisco to be equipped with Google Fiber, as the tech giant announced on Wednesday its plans to expand its Internet service even further. But instead of waiting until its own fiber cables would be installed, Google is taking the easier and faster route: using already installed fiber, allowing ...

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Adblock Fast Was Dropped from Google Play Store

Android users rejoiced too soon about Samsung’s updated Internet browser that allowed ad-blocking plugins. Seeing how difficult it is to get those on Android devices, the update was hailed by Samsung loyalists around the world. However, Google wasn’t really keen of this solution, and Adblock Fast was dropped from Google Play store only a few days later. Adblock Fast is a ...

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TV Set-boxes are a Glaring Exception from a Competitive Market

Thanks to various advances in technology, we have come to enjoy an impressive choice in how we view news, entertainment, and sports programming. American consumers basically watch what they want, where they want, when they want. However, there’s one dark cloud hovering over the consumer choice, as the TV set-boxes are a glaring exception from a competitive market. Statistics say that “99 percent of ...

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Firefox Introduces Push Notifications From Closed Websites

alt="Firefox Introduces Push Notifications From Closed Websites"

An updated Firefox introduces push notifications from closed websites, which is good news for Mozilla users, seeing that the tab bar would quickly clog up prior to this modification. You can now stay on top of notifications and updates without keeping your important websites open – your email, Facebook, shopping and weather pages. Firefox has now allowed developers to send you push ...

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Will Users Have to Pay for All Online Services?

Many of the Internet marketers perceive ad-blocking tools as risks for their online services, so it is not a shock that some of them, Yahoo being the most noticeable name, are fighting against this type of software. However, this strategy may have long-term results on the online world in the next years. The first response to the information that a ...

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Google Hangouts Users Can Now Join Via Invitations

Google has just made simpler the way in which people can have an online conference, or any type of chatting for that manner, through its Google Hangouts feature. The organization announced this week that customers are no longer required to own a personal Google account in order to use the service, and instead they only need an invitation to a ...

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Facebook Releases a New Donation Option

Facebook is launching a new version of its charitable donation option with financial transactions that will be made straight on the social platform’s site, according to the organization’s professionals. The company also presented a new device that it has called “fundraisers”, a type of modular expansion of a team’s Facebook page that it can contain conversations about a specific cause, show ...

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